Adam P. Knave

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman. Volume 2 Author Dc Comics 2015 English
    Amelia Cole and the Hidden War Author Unspecified 2014 English
    Artful daggers. 1. Fifty years later Author Unspecified 2014 English
    Never ending Author Dark Horse 2014 English
    The Amelia Cole omnibus Author Unspecified 2017 English
    Amelia Cole and the unknown world Author Unspecified 2013 English
    The once and future queen Author Dark Horse 2017 English
    Amelia Cole and the impossible fate Author Unspecified 2015 English
    Amelia Cole and the enemy unleashed Author Unspecified 2014 English
    Amelia Cole versus the end of everything Author Unspecified 2016 English
    Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman: 6-10 Writer Dc Comics 2015 English