Alan Weiss

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Edgar Rice Burroughs' Pellucidar : at the earth's core Author Dark Horse 2017 English
    Schnitter der Liebe und andere Geschichten Author Norbert Hethke Verlag 0 German
    KISS : greatest hits Author Unspecified 2012 English
    La guerre Krees/Skrulls Inker Panini Comics 2009 French
    "The Beginning of Endotherm" #136 Illustrator Marvel Comics 1980 English
    "...To Avenge the Avengers!" #216 Cover Artist Illustrator Marvel Comics 1982 English
    "All The Ways Of Power!" #215 Cover Artist Illustrator Marvel Comics 1982 English
    The Widow Accused! #83 Illustrator Marvel 1972 English
    Spider-Man : L' Intégrale 1980 Illustrator Panini Comics 2010 French
    Spectacular Spider-Man : L' Intégrale 1981 Illustrator Panini Comics 2013 French
    To Salvage My Honor! #209 Illustrator Marvel Comics Group 1980 English
    Comes Now...The Decision! #54 Cover Artist Illustrator Inker Marvel Comics 1972 English
    Amidst The Madness #3 Inker Marvel Comics 1974 English
    To Wish A Mile High #1 Author Inker Defiant 1993 English
    Marvel Super Special #5 Writer Marvel Comics 0 English
    King of the Steel Drivin' Men #5 Writer Epic Comics 1987 English
    Marvel Comics Super Special #1 Illustrator Marvel Comics 0 English
    Prisoner! #6 Cover Artist Marvel Comics 1976 English
    Massacre Along The Amazon #24 Illustrator Marvel Comics 1975 English
    La Nuit Du 30 Et Autres Contes #1 Inker Génération Comics 1998 French
    Enter: Solarr! #160 Cover Artist Marvel Comics 1973 English
    This Battle-Ground Earth! #327 Cover Artist Marvel 1983 Unspecified
    Shoot-Out at the O.K. Space Station #42 Cover Artist Marvel Comics 1976 English
    "How Strange My Destiny!" #10 Cover Artist Marvel Comics 1975 English
    Heart And Soul #4 Illustrator Image Comics 1999 English
    Heart Of The Matter #1 Illustrator Image Comics 1998 English
    The West Years Of Our Lives #3 Illustrator Dc Comics 1992 English
    From Eternity To Here #1 Writer Illustrator Defiant 1994 English
    Alone And Unarmed #2 Writer Illustrator Defiant 1994 English
    The Dancer Dreams #4 Writer Defiant 1994 English
    Lead Him Not Into Temptation #5 Writer Defiant 1994 English
    Tag Team Terror #3 Author Illustrator Defiant 1994 English
    Rawhide Kid: Shotgun to Deadwood! #145 Cover Artist Marvel Comics Group 1978 English
    The Musketeers! #8 Illustrator Valiant 1993 English
    Darkness on the Edge of Time! #124 Cover Artist Marvel Comics 1983 English
    "Xenogenesis Day of the Demons Part 3: The Revenge of Vera Gemini!" #60 Cover Artist Marvel Comics 1978 English
    Man From Atlantis #3 Cover Artist Marvel Comics Group 1978 English
    Batman: The Blue, The Grey And The Bat Writer DC Comics, Inc 0 English
    "The Führer of Chicago" #34 Cover Artist Illustrator Dc Comics 1978 English