Alvaro Lopez

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Swamp Thing. Volume 4. Seeder Author Dc Comics 2014 English
    The long road home 3 Author Titan 2009 English
    The replacements Author Dc Comics 2007 English
    Doctor Strange Serie Oro #1 - Origini Inker Panini Comics 2016 Italian
    Dark Reign: Accept Change: Secret Invasion: Dark Reign, Dark Reign: New Nation, Uncanny X-Men Annual #2, Dark Avengers #1, Marvel Spotlight: Dark Reign, Dark Reign Files Inker Marvel 0 English
    Final jeopardy Author Dc Comics 2017 English
    Marvel Comics #1000 Inker Marvel 0 English
    Catwoman. Volume 4. The one you love Author Dc Comics 2015 English
    Catwoman. Volume 5. Backward masking Author Dc Comics 2016 English
    Rupture de contrat #21 Inker Panini Comics 2007 French
    La Résurrection de Ra's Al Ghul Inker Panini Comics 2006 French
    Spider-Verse Team-Up #15 Inker Panini Comics 2015 French
    Double Jeu #1 Inker Panini Comics 2009 French
    Batgirl: Das erste Jahr Inker Eaglemoss France 0 German
    Crime Pays Illustrator Dc Comics 0 English
    Opération Antidote Inker Panini Comics 0 French
    Gotham City Sirens Band 1 Inker Panini Comics 0 German
    The Replacements, Conclusion #57 Inker DC 2006 English
    It's Only a Movie, Take One #59 Inker DC 2006 English
    The Replacements, Part Two #54 Inker DC 2006 English
    The Replacements, Part Three #55 Inker DC 2006 English
    The Replacements, Part Four #56 Inker DC 2006 English
    Catwoman Dies, Part One #66 Inker DC 2007 English
    The Long Road Home, Part One #78 Inker DC 2008 English
    Batgirl / Robin: Year One: Batgirl: Year One 1-9, Robin: Year One 1-4 Inker Cover Artist Dc Comics 2015 English
    Revirement Spectaculaire: 15A Inker Panini Comics 2014 French
    Une Chance D'Être En Vie #1 Inker Panini Comics 2015 French
    1st story #6 Inker Marvel 2012 English
    O val dos Cegos Writer Demo Editorial 2012 Galician
    Herdsman #2 Inker Dc Comics 2005 English
    Mockingbird: 95, New Avengers: The Reunion #1-4 Inker Hachette Partworks Ltd 2015 English
    The Whiskey Tree, Part 2 #23 Inker Dc Comics 2013 English