Anthony Williams

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United Kingdom



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    Anthony Williams is a Welsh comic book artist.

    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    The V.C.s. Back in action Author Rebellion 2009 English
    Titan : god machine Author Black Library 2004 English
    Titan Author Black Library 2000 English
    X-Men: The Movie Illustrator Marvel Comics 2000 English
    Jonnie Rocket Author Pichola Associates 2000 English
    Jonnie Rocket 2 (2nd revised edition) Author Pichola Associates 2009 English
    Dracula 8 Author Arcturus 2014 English
    Frankenstein 10 Author Arcturus 2014 English
    The hound of the Baskervilles 5 Author Arcturus 2014 English
    Judge Dredd : the complete case files v.21 Illustrator Unspecified 2013 English
    Judge Anderson: The Psi Files Volume 03 Illustrator Rebellion 0 English
    Superman: One Million 2 Illustrator Dino Verlag 1999 German
    One Million Illustrator Eaglemoss France 0 German
    Squadron Supreme: New World Order #1 Illustrator Marvel 1998 English
    Origins Part 2: Mandarin Ascending #6 Illustrator Marvel Comics 1995 English
    Kings And Desperate Men #1 Illustrator Dc Comics 1994 English
    The Flames Of Boltax! 2 / Jungle Moves 3 #197 Cover Artist Marvel Comics Ltd 1988 English
    Back In Action Illustrator REBCA 0 English