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Brant Parker

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Help stamp out grapes Author Coronet 1979 English
    The best of the Wizard of Id Author Titan 2009 English
    Crock : you'll pay for this all of you! Author Coronet 1981 English
    We've got to stop meeting like this Author Coronet 1981 English
    Ala ka zot! Author Hodder & Stoughton 1981 English
    Wizard of Id Author Panini 2008 English
    The long haranguer rides again Author Coronet 1984 English
    The best of Crock Author Titan 2017 English
    The wizard of Id Abra Cadaver! Author Hodder & Stoughton 1985 English
    The wizard of Id,, My kingdom for a horsie! Author Coronet 1985 English
    The Wizard of Id suspended sentence indeed! Author Coronet 1986 English
    The wizard of Id : the dailies & Sundays,, 1973 Author Titan 2013 English
    I dig freedom Author Coronet 1987 English
    The wizard of Id : the dailies and Sundays,, 1971 Author Titan 2011 English
    The king is a fink Author Coronet 1972 English
    The wondrous wizard of Id Author Coronet 1972 English
    The peasants are revolting Author Coronet 1972 English
    The wizard of Id : the dailies and Sundays,, 1972 Author Titan 2012 English
    The wizard's back Author Coronet 1975 English
    Remember the golden rule Author Coronet 1973 English
    Long live the King Author Coronet 1975 English
    There's a fly in my swill Author Coronet 1974 English
    Wizard of Id,, yield Author Coronet 1976 English
    The wizard of Id frammin at the jim jam frippin in the krotz Author Coronet 1977 English
    Every man is innocent until proven broke Author Coronet 1977 English
    I'm off to see the wizard Author Coronet 1978 English
    Let there be reign Author Coronet 1978 English
    Crock Author Coronet 1979 English



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