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Charles Addams

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Drawn and quartered : the return of a classic Author H. Hamilton 1962 English
    The Penguin Charles Addams Author Penguin 1962 English
    Addams and evil : an album of cartoons Author Methuen 1985 English
    Creature comforts 2 Author Simon & Schuster 1981 English
    My crowd 2 (Enlarged edition) Author Tom Stacey 1971 English
    Monster rally Author H. Hamilton 1951 English
    Homebodies 2 Author H. Hamilton 1954 English
    Nightcrawlers Author H. Hamilton 1957 English
    Nightcrawlers 2 Author H. Hamilton 1957 English
    Happily Ever After: A Collection of Cartoons to Chill the Heart of Your Loved One Illustrator Author Simon & Schuster 0 English
    The world of Chas Addams Author Hamish Hamilton 1992 English
    My crowd Author Simon & Schuster 1970 English
    The Addams family album Author Hamish Hamilton 1991 English
    Creature comforts Author Simon & Schuster 1981 English
    Favorite haunts Author W.H.Allen 1977 English
    Monster rally 2 Author W.H.Allen 1977 English
    The groaning board Author H. Hamilton 1964 English
    Black Maria Author H. Hamilton 1960 English
    Homebodies Author H. Hamilton 1954 English
    Creature comforts 3 Author Heinemann 1981 English



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