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Colin MacNeil

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Judge Dredd. America Author Rebellion 2008 English
    Judge Dredd. Day of Chaos. endgame Author Rebellion 2013 English
    Red tide Author Rebellion 2005 English
    Brit-cit noir Author Rebellion 2016 English
    Red tide 3 Author Rebellion 2015 English
    Insurrection Author Rebellion 2011 English
    The best of Tharg's future shocks Author Rebellion 2008 English
    Judge Dredd : the complete America Author Titan 2003 English
    Bloodquest Author Amalgamated Book Services 1999 English
    Bloodquest. Book 2. Into the eye of terror Author Black Library 2000 English
    The chief judge's man : author,, John Wagner Author Rebellion 2006 English
    Mechanismo Author Rebellion 2009 English
    Total war Author Rebellion 2005 English
    Insurrection : liberty Author Rebellion 2015 English
    Judge Dredd : top dog Author Mandarin 1993 English
    Judge Dredd : Mechanismo Author Mandarin 1993 English
    Chopper. Surf's up Author Rebellion 2010 English
    The final solution Author Rebellion 2008 English
    Judge Dredd. Day of chaos. The fourth faction Author Rebellion 2013 English
    Chopper : song of the surfer Author Fleetway 1990 English
    Judge Dredd in America Author Unspecified 1991 English
    Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files v. 13 Illustrator 2000 AD 2009 English



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