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Dan Panosian (born 1969) is an American comic book artist, with extensive credits as both a penciller and an inker and has additional credits as an advertising and storyboard artist. Dan Panosian was born in Cleveland, Ohio, to artistic parents. He is of Armenian descent. Panosian at the 2023 Phoenix Fan Fusion At age 14, Panosian sent an art submission to Marvel Comics, which was responded to with encouragement by the Submissions Editor, Len Kaminski. Years later he showcased his work at the New York Comic Convention, where comic book artists Neal Adams and Walt Simonson took notice. Adams offered him a position at his ad agency Continuity Graphics and Simonson called his editor, Ralph Macchio, at Marvel Comics. Panosian was soon working for both companies. Upon entering the Marvel offices for the first time, he was greeted by Kaminski, who had remembered corresponding with Panosian seven years earlier. On his office wall was a "thank you" illustration sent from the 14-year-old Dan Panosian. After working on back-up features for Captain America, Batman, Spider-Man and Thor, Panosian's work caught the eye of the artistic teams working on the X-Men line of comic books where he became a regular inker. When Marvel's top artistic talents left to form Image Comics, he was asked to join them and began illustrating comics that often sold around a million copies each month. Panosian has also done work for Dark Horse Comics, Boom! Studios, and Dynamite Entertainment. He also illustrates a series of graphic novels for Le Lombard called John Tiffany. Being a descendant of survivors from the Armenian genocide, Panosian also contributed to a graphic novel about the genocide called Operation Nemesis: A Story of Genocide & Revenge. Panosian founded Dan Panosian, Inc., through which he began doing advertising work. He was soon also working with movie and commercial studios providing design and storyboard artwork. Panosian also branched out into book and magazine illustration, apparel lines, and toy design work. He was the lead designer on a DreamWorks video game about animals that embody the spirit of Kung-Fu. Shortly after, Dan was doing the lead design work for the video game series Duke Nukem. Panosian illustrated one of Byron Preiss's first CD-ROM comic books, The Suit. He made the fake comic book covers seen in the 2017 film Logan, as Marvel Comics did not allow to use actual comic book issues.

Artistic production

Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
Conan / Red Sonja Cover Artist Illustrator Inker Darks Horse Books / Dynamite 2015 English
The Flash by Geoff Johns. Book three Author DC Comics 2016 English
The Flash by Geoff Johns. Vol. 2 Author DC Comics 2016 English
Throne of Aquilonia 2 Author Dark Horse 2013 English
Hulk: Son of Hulk Author Marvel 2010 English
Batwing. Volume 5. Into the dark Author Dc Comics 2015 English
G.I. combat. Volume 1. The war that time forgot Author Dc Comics 2013 English
Drink and draw social club Author Image Comics 2006 English
Ultimate Spider-Man: ultimate collection. Book 1 (Direct edition) Author Marvel Publishing 2007 English
Identity 3 Author Marvel Worldwide 2017 English
Grindhouse : doors open at midnight. Volume 1 Author Dark Horse 2014 English
Convergence : infinite earths book 1 Author Dc Comics 2015 English
Slots Author Image Comics 2018 English
Bajo Tierra Sobre El Cielo #9 Inker Comics Forum 0 Spanish
Respuestas ( Y Preguntas ) #10 Inker Comics Forum 0 Spanish
Recordatorios Amistosos #11 Inker Comics Forum 0 Spanish
X-Men Deluxe #8 Inker Marvel Italia 1995 Italian
With Great Power #4 Inker Marvel 2001 English
Ultimatum: 98-100, 58-60 Illustrator Marvel 0 English
Strange Interlude #351 Inker Marvel Comics 1991 English
"The Bride Of Venom - True Friends - The Monster Within - Echoes" #375 Illustrator Marvel Comics 1993 English
Extreme Prejudice, Part 1: Bitterness Rising #7 Inker Image Comics 1994 English
Hulk: Planet Skaar: #7-12 Illustrator Marvel Comics 2010 English
Malédiction Inker Delcourt 2007 French
Spawn Origins Collection Vol 3 Inker Image Comics, Inc. 0 English
Reflections Pt. 3 #18 Inker Image 0 English
Spawn #8 Inker Infinity Verlag 1997 German
Spawn #9 Inker Infinity Verlag 1998 German
Batman: Imperfekt Colorist Eaglemoss France 0 German
Chaos At The County Fair! #2 Illustrator CFA Properties, Inc. 0 English
Batman: Arkham Knight #2 Cover Artist Dc Comics 2015 English
Batman: Arkham Knight Volume 1: 1-4 Cover Artist Dc Comics 0 English
Batman: Arkham Knight #1 Cover Artist DC Comics 2015 English
Survival #1 Illustrator Inker Stan Lee 1993 English
Team-up with Grifter #13 Inker Image Comics 1994 English
"Nightlines" #299 Inker Marvel Comics 1993 English
Bas Le Masque #2 Inker Génération Comics 1999 French
The Devil You Know #375 Inker Marvel 1990 English
Hot In The City: 0-8 Illustrator Dc Comics 0 English
The World My Laboratory #14 Inker Marvel Comics 1990 English
Green Lantern: Mosaic #1 Inker DC Comics, Inc 1992 Unspecified
X-Men: The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic Book 2 Inker Marvel 2005 English
The Legend of Supreme #2 Inker Image Comics 1995 English
Conan. Vol. 12Throne of Aquilonia Author Dark Horse 2012 English
The Name Is Phantom... Bob Phantom #7 Inker DC Comics, Inc 1992 English
"Society" #1 Cover Artist Dc Comics 2015 English
Los Reyes Del Dolor 1ª Parte: Extra De Verano Illustrator Comics Forum 0 Spanish
The League without Justice! #1 Inker Dc Comics 2000 English
1st Story Part 4 Cover Artist Marvel Comics 1995 English
"Kang's World" #21 Writer Cover Artist Marvel Comics 1992 English
Wildstorm! #3 Illustrator Image Comics 1995 English
Out Of Order #6 Illustrator Marvel Comics 2002 English
Espejos Rotos #12 Author Comics Forum 0 Spanish
Una Cosecha De Almas “ Fruto Maduro “ #18 Inker Comics Forum 0 Spanish
L'ère d'Apocalypse Inker Panini Comics 2018 Unspecified
Una Cosecha De Almas #19 Inker Comics Forum 0 Spanish
Una Cosecha De Almas “ La Caída Del Inocente “ #19 Inker Comics Forum 0 Spanish
Principios #2 Inker Editorial Planeta DeAgostini 0 Spanish
"Where Happy Little Bluebirds Fly..." #10 Inker Marvel Comics 1992 English
Especial Mutante 97 : Generación-X /Gente Corriente Illustrator Editorial Planeta DeAgostini 0 Spanish
Especial Mutante: Generación-X / De Cuero Y Encaje Illustrator Editorial Planeta DeAgostini 0 Spanish
Deathwish: 11-15 Cover Artist Image Comics, Inc. 0 English
Byte by Byte / Vengeance Routine / Iceapade / Punisher's Top 10 Villains / #5 Inker Marvel Comics 0 English