Dash Shaw

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    The bottomless belly button Author Fantagraphics 2008 English
    Cosplayers Author Coconino Press 2017 Italian
    The unclothed man in the 35th century A.D Author Fantagraphics 2010 English
    Bottomless Belly Button Author Fantagraphics Books 2009 Unspecified
    Bodyworld Author Illustrator Pantheon Books 2010 English
    New school Author Fantagraphics 2013 English
    The mother's mouth Author ALTERNATIVE COMICS 2006 English
    3 New Stories Author Illustrator Fantagraphics Books,Inc. 2013 English
    Strange Tales Author Marvel Italia (Panini Comics) 2009 Italian
    Cosplayers : perfect collection Author Fantagraphics 2017 English
    Doctors Author Fantagraphics 2014 English
    Now: The New Comics Anthology #3 Author Fantagraphic Books 2018 English
    Cosplayers #1 Author Illustrator Fantagraphics Books,Inc. 2014 English
    Tezukon #2 Author Illustrator Fantagraphics Books,Inc. 2014 English
    A Cosplayers Christmas Author Illustrator Fantagraphics Books,Inc. 2016 English
    Hip Hop Family Tree: Three-in-One (Featuring Cosplayers) Writer Cover Artist Fantagraphics Books 0 English
    World's Greatest Cartoonists Illustrator Writer Fantagraphics Books,Inc. 2018 English