David Aja

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    The immortal Iron Fist. Vol. 2. The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven Author Marvel Publishing 2008 English
    Blood & sorrow Author Diamond 2007 English
    Hawkeye. Volume 2 Author Marvel Worldwide 2015 English
    Immortal Iron Fist : the complete collection. Volume 1 Author Marvel 2013 English
    Hawkeye. Volume 1 Author Marvel 2013 English
    The immortal Iron Fist Author Marvel 2009 English
    The Seeds Illustrator Berger Books 2021 Unspecified
    Hawkeye : my life as a weapon (Special edition) Author Hachette 2016 English
    Hawkeye 5 Author Marvel 2015 English
    Secret avengers. Mission to Mars Author Hachette 2014 English
    Little hits Author Marvel 2013 English
    Return of the king Author Diamond 2009 English
    The last Iron Fist story Author Diamond 2007 English
    The immortal Iron Fist. The last Iron Fist story Author Marvel Pub 2007 English
    Rio bravo Author Marvel 2014 English
    Le diable en cavale Illustrator Panini Comics 2016 French
    Hawkeye #18 Cover Artist Marvel 2014 Unspecified
    The Stuff What Don't Get Spoke #19 Writer Cover Artist Marvel 2014 Unspecified
    Rio Bravo #21 Writer Marvel 2015 Unspecified
    The Vagabond Code #2 Cover Artist Illustrator Illustrator Marvel 2012 English
    My Life As A Weapon: Hawkkeye #1-5, Young Avengers #6 Illustrator Cover Artist Marvel 0 Unspecified
    Lucky: A Clint Barton/Hawkeye Adventure #1 Illustrator Marvel 0 English
    #6 Illustrator Marvel 0 English
    "One Year After" #600 Illustrator Marvel Comics 2009 English
    The Secret Life Of Max Fury #5 Illustrator Marvel 2010 English
    Iron Fist Illustrator Hachette Partworks Ltd 0 English