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Eddie Campbell

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    A disease of language 2 Author Knockabout 2010 English
    Bacchus. Volume 1 (Omnibus edition) Author Top Shelf Productions 2015 English
    After the Snooter Illustrator Top Shelf Productions 0 English
    The playwright 2 Author Diamond 2010 English
    PS magazine : the best of the Preventive maintenance monthly Author Abrams ComicArts 2011 English
    ALEC : the years have pants (a life sized omnibus) Author Diamond 2009 English
    Shadow show : stories in celebration of Ray Bradbury Author Unspecified 2015 English
    Lucifer #1 Author Trident Comics 0 English
    Alec : episodes from the life of Alec MacGarry Author Escape 1984 English
    The amazing remarkable Monsieur Leotard : a novel with typographical acrobatics and illustrational feats in an ideal production of entirely new tricks,, statuesque acts,, and performances (1st edition) Author First Second 2008 English
    The Black Diamond Detective Agency Author First Second 2007 English
    Bizarre romance Author Jonathan Cape 2018 English
    From hell : being a melodrama in sixteen parts Author Bantam 2001 English
    Bizarre romance 2 Author Vintage Digital 2018 English
    John Constantine,, Hellblazer. Volume 9. Critical Mass Author Dc Comics 2014 English
    Bacchus. Volume two of two (Omnibus edition) Author Top Shelf Productions 2016 English
    From Hell : 1. edition Illustrator Faraos Cigarer 0 Danish
    Bacchus Author Harrier Publishing 1988 English
    A disease of language Author Knockabout Comics 2005 English
    The DC Universe by Neil Gaiman: The Deluxe Edition Illustrator Dc Comics 0 English
    From Hell, Une Autopsie De Jack l'Eventreur Illustrator Delcourt 2000 French
    The fate of the artist Author Macmillan 2006 English
    By the time I get to Wagga Wagga : comics and stories Author Harrier Publishing 1987 English
    The tipping point Author Humanoids 2016 English
    The tipping point 2 (Deluxe edition) Author Humanoids 2016 English
    The playwright Author Knockabout 2010 English
    From Hell Author Mad Love 1991 English
    From Hell - L'interale Illustrator Magic press 2005 Italian
    A tale of Beem Gotelump (pronounce 'Gote' as in note) Author E. Campbell 1974 English
    Going sane Author Titan 2008 English
    From hell : being a melodrama in sixteen parts 2 Author Knockabout Comics 2000 English
    Eddie campbell's omnibox : the complete Alec and Bacchus Author Author Top Shelf Productions 2016 English
    The lovely horrible stuff : my book about money Author Top Shelf 2012 English
    The From hell companion Author Knockabout 2013 English
    Behindsight Author Eddie Campbell 1982 English
    Predator / Bacchus / Crash Ryan #46 Writer Illustrator Dark Horse Comics 1990 English
    Heartbreakers: The Crowd Roars / Delia & Celia: Gratitude / Bacchus: Tam O'Shanter #37 Writer Illustrator Dark Horse Comics, Inc. 1990 English
    Anything Goes! #6 Illustrator The Comics Journal 0 English
    Honk! #1 Illustrator Fantagraphics Books 0 English
    Taboo #1 Illustrator SpiderBaby Grafix & Publications 0 English
    Taboo #5 Illustrator SpiderBaby Graphix And Publications 0 English
    Las Nuevas Aventuras #1 Illustrator Norma Editorial 0 Spanish
    White Collar Crime / Cartoon Man's Best Friend / Steroids / The Amazons / Dead-End Job / Characters From Everyday Life / Hlep For The Dyslexic / Maxwell, The Magic Cat / Deadlines / Danger Dan / Growing Up Weird / Donald Dogfly #2 Writer Illustrator Mad Dog Graphics 1987 English
    Golden Day Writer Dark Horse Comics, Inc. 1994 English
    Regeneration: Hellblazer 250-260, Hellblazer Special: Chaz 1-5 Illustrator Dc Comics 0 English
    Critical Mass: Hellblazer 84-96 Writer Dc Comics 0 English
    Have As Many Eyes As You Like #36 Illustrator Eddie Campbell Comics 1998 English



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