Fabien Vehlmann

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Satania Author Unspecified 2017 English
    The inconvenience of being dead Author Cinebook 2008 English
    L'île aux cent mille morts Author GLENAT 0 French
    The clan of the shark Author Cinebook 2015 English
    Jolies Ténèbres Author Dupuis 2009 French
    Clear blue tomorrows Author Cinebook 2016 English
    Alone. Vol. 7. The lowlands Author Cinebook 2017 English
    Dieu qui pue Dieu qui pète et autres petites histoires africaines Author Milan 0 French
    The Providence Author Cinebook 2016 English
    Assassins and gentlemen Author Cinebook Expresso 2008 English
    The last days of an immortal Author Archaia 2012 English
    The Isle of Brac Author Cinebook 2015 English
    The red cairns Author Cinebook 2015 English
    The chamber of cheops Author Cinebook 2017 English
    The master of knives Author Cinebook 2014 English
    Isle of 100,,000 Graves Author Fantagraphics 2011 English
    7 Psychopaths Writer Boom! Studios 0 English
    Green manor - 16 affascinanti novelle criminali Writer Bao Publishing 2015 Italian
    The vanishing Author Cinebook 2014 English
    Beautiful darkness Author Drawn & Quarterly 2013 English
    The beast Author Cinebook 2016 English
    The fourth dimension and a half Author Cinebook 2016 English
    Alone. 5. Eye of the maelstrom Author Cinebook 2016 English
    The Black Virgin Author Cinebook 2015 English
    Les fables de la poubelle 2 Author Dargaud 0 French
    The arena Author Cinebook 2018 English
    Infinity 8 Vol.3 - Il Vangelo secondo Emma Writer Panini 2018 Italian
    16 Charmantes historiettes criminelles Author Dupuis 0 French
    Gaston - Galerie der Katastrophen Illustrator Carsen Comics 2018 German
    La galerie des gaffes Author Dupuis 0 French
    Die tollsten Abenteuer von Spirou Author Carlsen Comics 2017 German
    Die steinernen Riesen Author Carlsen Comics 0 German
    Der Zorn des Marsupilamis Author Carlsen Comics 0 German
    Angriff der Zyklozonks Author Carlsen Comics 0 German
    Die dunkle Seite des Z Author Carlsen Comics 0 German
    In den Fängen der Viper Author Carlsen Comics 0 German
    Der Page der Sniper Alley Author Carlsen Comics 0 German
    Fluide Glacial N°508 Author Fluide Glacial 2018 French
    Les folles aventures de Spirou Writer Dupuis 0 French
    La colère du marsupilami Author Dupuis 0 French
    Alerte aux Zorkons Author Dupuis 0 French
    La face cachée du Z Author Dupuis 0 French
    Dans les griffes de la vipère Author Dupuis 0 French
    Le groom de Sniper Alley Author Dupuis 0 French
    Un cadavre exquis Author Dupuis 0 French
    Les géants pétrifiés Author Dupuis 0 French
    Slår Gækken Løs! #1 Writer Cobolt 0 Danish
    Spirou N°4276 Author Dupuis 2020 French
    Spirou N°3881 bis Author Dupuis 2012 French
    Spirou N°3823 Author Dupuis 2011 French
    Spirou N°3762 Author Dupuis 2010 French
    Spirou N°3768 Author Dupuis 2010 French
    Pilote Juin 2010 Author Dargaud 2010 French
    Méga Spirou N°19 Author Dupuis 2019 French
    La Nuit De L'Inca: Tome 1 Writer Poisson Pilote 2003 French
    La Nuit De L'Inca: Tome 2 Writer Poisson Pilote 2004 French
    L'Île De Brac Writer Dargaud 2002 French
    La Vierge Noire Writer Dargaud 2003 French