Félix Ruiz

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Wolverine, Batman


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    He’s a comic-book and storyboard artist, who has worked in Marvel Comics (Uranian, Halo, New Mutants, Morbius, Marvel Zombies, Wolverine Max, Punisher), in DC comics (The Joker Endgame, Batman Eternal) and Archie Comics (The Hangman). For Titan Books he has made covers for Heroes Godsend and The Mummy. He has worked in Editions Paquet, Dupuis and Humanoides like a Graphic designer; and 21g like a artist and graphic designer. He’s working in Soleil Prod.

    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Fall of reach 2 Author Dark Horse 2016 English
    HAlo: Fall of Reach Illustrator Marvel 2011 English
    Covenant 2 Author Marvel 2014 English
    Invasion 4 Author Marvel 2013 English
    Wolverine max. Volume 3 Author Marvel 2014 English
    Agents of Atlas 4 Author Diamond 2010 English
    Invasion 3 Author Marvel 2012 English
    The hangman. Vol. 1 Author Dark Circle 2016 English
    Morbius, the living vampire Illustrator Marvel 2013 English
    Fall of reach : covenant Author Marvel 2011 English
    Fall of reach Author Marvel 2012 English
    Opération Antidote Illustrator Inker Panini Comics 0 French
    Atlas. Marvel Boy Author Marvel Worldwide 2010 English