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Gordon Purcell

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Star Trek,, the next generation omnibus Author Unspecified 2012 English
    Warehouse 13 Author Dynamite Entertainment 2012 English
    Emancipation and beyond Author Boxtree 1994 English
    Who killed Captain Kirk? Author Unspecified 2013 English
    Ben 10. Volume 1 Author Unspecified 2014 English
    Night lights Author Titan 1997 English
    Star trek,, the next generation,, Doctor Who: Assimilation² Author Unspecified 2012 English
    Doctor Who/Star Trek,, The Next Generation : Assimilation² Author Unspecified 2013 English
    X-files classics. Volume 3 Author Unspecified 2014 English
    Enterprise experiment Author Diamond 2008 English
    It's Ben a pleasure Author Unspecified 2014 English
    Star trek : deep space nine Author Boxtree 1994 English
    The X-files classics. Ground zero Author Unspecified 2015 English
    Dark shadows. Volume 2 Author Dynamite Entertainment 2014 English
    Beyond the wall Author Diamond 2010 English
    Star trek,, the next generation. The last generation Author Unspecified 2009 English
    Remote control Author Titan 1997 English
    The trial of James T. Kirk Author Titan 2006 English
    Protectors,, Inc. Volume 1 Author Image Comics 2014 English
    Star Trek : who killed Captain Kirk? Author Titans 1993 English
    The Trojan horse : the fall of Troy : adapted from Virgil's Aeneid and The war at Troy by Quintus of Smyrna Author Lerner 2010 English



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