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Guido Crepax

Real Name & aliases:

Guido Crepas







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    Guido Crepas (15 July 1933 in Milan – 31 July 2003 in Milan), better known by his nom de plume Guido Crepax, was an Italian comics artist. He is most famous for his character Valentina, created in 1965 and very representative of the spirit of the 1960s. The Valentina series of books and strips became noted for Crepax's sophisticated drawing, and for the psychedelic, dreamlike storylines, generally involving a strong dose of erotism. (Wikipedia)

    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Valentina and the magic lantern Author Headline 2012 English
    Valentina (Milano Libri) Author Milano Libri Edizioni 1968 Italian
    The complete crepax. Vol. 3. Evil spells Author Fantagraphics 2017 English
    Valentina - Storia Di Una Storia Author Olympia Press Italia 1990 Italian
    The complete Crepax. Vols 1 & 2 Author Fantagraphics 2017 English
    L'ASTRONAVE PIRATA Author Rizzoli 1968 Italian
    The story of O Author Grove 1978 English
    Emmanuelle,, Bianca and Venus in furs Author Evergreen 2000 English
    Crepax : Dracula,, Frankenstein,, and other horror stories Author Fantagraphics 2015 English
    The story of O 2 Author Eurotica 2009 English
    Valentina graphic novel 2 Author Headline 2013 English
    The complete Crepax : The time eater & other stories Author Fantagraphics 2016 English
    Crepax 1 - L'Uomo di Pskov • L'Uomo di Harlem Author Editoriale Cosmo 2018 Italian
    I Classici del Fumetto di Repubblica #13 - Valentina Author Unspecified 2003 Unspecified
    Linus #649 Author Baldini & Castoldi 2019 Unspecified
    CONTRO #3 Author Cover Artist Editoriga 1975 Italian
    L'uomo di Pskov (Hobby & Work) Author Hobby & Work Italiana Editrice S.r.L 1995 Italian
    Valentina Author Norma Editorial 0 Spanish
    Heavy Metal Magazine: March 1984 Illustrator HM Communications 0 English
    Heavy Metal Magazine: April 1984 Illustrator HM Communications 0 English
    Dracula, Frankenstein, and Other Horror Stories Illustrator Writer Fantagraphics Books,Inc. 2016 English
    Evil Spells Illustrator Writer Fantagraphics Books,Inc. 2018 English
    The Time Eater and Other Stories Illustrator Writer Fantagraphics Books,Inc. 2016 English
    Private Life Illustrator Writer Fantagraphics Books,Inc. 0 English
    American Stories Illustrator Writer Fantagraphics Books,Inc. 0 English



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