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Hunt Emerson

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Firkin collection. Vol. 1 Author Knockabout Comics 2002 English
    How to be rich,, or,, What,, upon obtaining wealth,, the right-thinking person should do with their money in order to sleep soundly at night : being an exploration of some of the ideas of Mr. John Ruskin in his book Unto this last Author Ruskin Foundation 2005 English
    Calculus cat Author Knockabout 2014 English
    Rablio wifterthree Author Arts Lab Press 1979 English
    Katalomix : exhibition catalogue at Wolverhampton Polytechnic Jan. 30 - Feb. 17 1977 Author Arts Lab Press 1977 English
    Firkin 2 Author Virgin 1985 English
    The rime of the Ancient Mariner Author Knockabout Comics 1989 English
    Pilgrim & Son in The festival ritual Author Knockabout 2005 English
    Zomix comix Author Arts Lab Press 1976 English
    You are Maggie Thatcher : A dole-playing game Author Titan 1987 English
    Mr. Spoonbiscuit Author Arts Lab Press 1974 English
    Bloke's progress : an introduction to the world of John Ruskin Author Knockabout 2018 English
    Firkin Author Knockabout Comics 1990 English
    Hot jazz : the adventures of Max Zillion and Alto Ego Author Knockabout 2015 English
    Lady Chatterley's lover! Author Knockabout Crack 1986 English
    Calculus cat : death to television!! Author Knockout 1987 English
    Startling planet Author Knockabout Comics 1989 English
    Rapid reflexes! : collected strips 1984-1989 Author Knockabout Crack 1990 English
    Thunderdogs Author Knockabout Comics 1993 English
    MC² : a critical mass of comics by British artists Author Knockabout 2006 English
    Aliens ate my trousers : crazy comics from the pages of 'Fortean Times' Author Knockabout Comics 1998 English
    The comic book Lady Chatterley's lover (New edition) Author Knockabout Comics 1998 English
    Dante's Inferno 2 Author Knockabout 2012 English
    Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror - Season 2 Writer Ahoy Comics 2019 English
    Warrior #8 Writer Illustrator Quality Communications Limited 1982 English
    Brickman Begins! Illustrator Active Images 0 English
    One Of Those Days In Downtown Delta Five #5 Writer Illustrator Eclipse Comics 1985 English
    U-Comix Illustrator Volksverlag 1983 German
    Laaki 2/1993 #2 Illustrator Semic 1993 Finnish
    Le Havane Primesautier numéro 8 Author Artefact 0 French
    Escape Magazine #7 Illustrator Escape Publishing 0 English
    Knockabout Comics #2 Illustrator Knockabout Comics 0 English
    Knockabout Comics #4 Illustrator Knockabout Comics 0 English
    Choleric Cat Illustrator Author Carlsen Verlag 1992 German
    Myrkky #43 (4/1995) #43 Illustrator Oy Atpe Ab 0 Finnish
    Myrkky Värispesiaali 4 - Firkin Illustrator Colorist Egmont Kustannus Oy 0 Finnish
    White Collar Crime / Cartoon Man's Best Friend / Steroids / The Amazons / Dead-End Job / Characters From Everyday Life / Hlep For The Dyslexic / Maxwell, The Magic Cat / Deadlines / Danger Dan / Growing Up Weird / Donald Dogfly #2 Writer Illustrator Mad Dog Graphics 1987 English
    Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures And Other Growths #3 Illustrator Avatar Press, Inc. 2003 English



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