Ian Flynn

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Champions 2 Author Archie 2016 English
    Speed of sound Author Archie 2016 English
    The big boom Author Archie 2015 English
    Sonic : mega drive Author Archie 2017 English
    The chase 3 Author Archie 2014 English
    Waves of change Author Archie 2015 English
    Treasure team tango Author Archie 2015 English
    Boom shaka-laka Author Archie 2015 English
    The Eggman wars Author Archie 2015 English
    Knuckles the Echidna. Vol. 1 Author Archie 2011 English
    Tea-time for a turtle Author Unspecified 2017 English
    Mega Man : let the game begin Author Archie 2011 English
    The Shadow saga Author Archie 2011 English
    Sonic who's who : the complete Sonic comic encyclopedia Author Archie 2010 English
    On the run! Author Archie 2016 English
    The art of Sonic the Hedgehog comics Author Archie 2016 English
    Legends of the Blue Bomber Author Archie 2015 English
    The dark mirror Author Archie 2014 English
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Volume 2 : amazing adventures Author Unspecified 2016 English
    Sonic/Mega Man : worlds collide. 1 Author Archie 2016 English
    Rise of the heroes Author Archie 2013 English
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Author Archie 2014 English
    Deadly fusion Author Archie 2015 English
    Control Author Archie 2015 English
    Legacy of the crusaders Author Archie 2013 English
    Sonic Universe. 2. 30 years later Author Archie 2014 English
    For Those Who Serve / Strays And Strangers / Split Decision #1 Writer Dc Comics 2018 English
    Dawn Of X Finale: Inheritance #40 Writer Archie Comic Publications, Inc. 2014 English
    The Curse Of Ra Moon Part Four: Total Eclipse #32 Writer Archie Comic Publications 2014 English
    Bizarro-Welten Writer Panini Comics 2019 German