Jim McCann

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Zombies Christmas carol Author Marvel 2012 English
    We are the avengers Author Marvel 2011 English
    The return of the Dapper Men 2 (Special edition) Author Archaia 2013 English
    The home front Author Marvel 2012 English
    Told through the eyes of Captain America,, Spider-Man,, and Iron Man Author Marvel Worldwide 2017 English
    Welcome to fabulous Lost Vegas Author Image Comics 2013 English
    Widow's kiss Author Marvel 2011 English
    Mind the gap. Volume 2. Wish you were here Author Image Comics 2013 English
    Out of bodies Author Image Comics 2013 English
    The return of the Dapper Men 3 Author Image Comics 2015 English
    Immortals : gods and heroes Author Archaia 2011 English
    Dark Reign: Accept Change: Secret Invasion: Dark Reign, Dark Reign: New Nation, Uncanny X-Men Annual #2, Dark Avengers #1, Marvel Spotlight: Dark Reign, Dark Reign Files Writer Marvel 0 English
    Hawkeye Solo Author Marvel 2012 English
    Beauty & the beast Author Marvel 2012 English
    Avengers academy : the complete collection. Volume 2 Author Marvel Worldwide 2018 English
    X-Women: X-Women 1, X-23 1, Cloak & Dagger 1, Dazzler 1 Writer Marvel Worldwide Inc 0 English
    New Avengers. The reunion Author Marvel Publishing 2009 English
    The reunion Author Diamond 2010 English
    The return of the Dapper Men Author Archaia Comics 2010 English
    Fantastic Four #20 Illustrator Canam Publications / Marvel Comics 1963 English
    Return of the Dapper Men Author Unspecified 2017 English
    Avenging archer Author Marvel 2015 English
    Mind the gap. Volume 1. Intimate strangers Author Image Comics 2012 English
    Ghosts 2 Author Marvel 2011 English
    Spider-Island (3/4) #3 Writer Panini Comics 2012 French
    Double Jeu #1 Writer Panini Comics 2009 French
    The CBLDF Presents: Liberty Writer Image Comics, Inc. 2014 English
    Réalité #002 Writer Panini Comics 2019 French
    Mockingbird: 95, New Avengers: The Reunion #1-4 Writer Hachette Partworks Ltd 2015 English