Joe Simon

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Captain America(creator)


  • Inkpot Award, 1998,
  • Comic Book Hall of Fame, 1999,
  • Inkwell Awards Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame, 2014

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Joseph Henry Simon[1] (October 11, 1913 – December 14, 2011) was an American comic book writer, artist, editor, and publisher. Simon created or co-created many important characters in the 1930s–1940s Golden Age of Comic Books and served as the first editor of Timely Comics, the company that would evolve into Marvel Comics. With his partner, artist Jack Kirby, he co-created Captain America, one of comics' most enduring superheroes, and the team worked extensively on such features at DC Comics as the 1940s Sandman and Sandy the Golden Boy, and co-created the Newsboy Legion, the Boy Commandos, and Manhunter. Simon and Kirby creations for other comics publishers include Boys' Ranch, Fighting American and the Fly. In the late 1940s, the duo created the field of romance comics, and were among the earliest pioneers of horror comics. Simon, who went on to work in advertising and commercial art, also founded the satirical magazine Sick in 1960, remaining with it for over a decade. He briefly published with DC Comics in the 1970s. Simon was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 1999.

Artistic production

Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
The Sandman 2 Author Titan 2007 English
The Boy Commandos. Volume two Author DC Comics 2015 English
Captain America : the classic years. Vol. 1 Author Amalgamated Book Services 1998 English
Marvel masterworks presents Golden Age Daring mystery comics. Volume 1. Collecting Daring mystery comics nos. 1-4 Author Marvel Publishing 2008 English
The best of Simon and Kirby Author Titan 2009 English
The strange world of your dreams Author Diamond 2013 English
The legacy of Captain America Author Marvel 2011 English
The art of the Simon and Kirby studio Author Abrams ComicArts 2014 English
Prez : the first teen president Author DC Comics 2016 English
The Simon and Kirby library: Crime Author Titan 2011 English
The Simon & Kirby library. Science fiction (First edition,, March 2013) Author Titan 2013 English
Joe Simon : my life in comics Author Titan 2011 English
Captain America: The Classic Years Writer Marvel 0 Unspecified
WWII super heroes Author Marvel 2013 English
The Simon & Kirby library. Horror! (First edition) Author Titan 2014 English
Golden Age Captain America omnibus. Volume 1 Author Marvel 2014 English
Fighting American Author Titan 2011 English
Joe Simon: my life in comics 2 Author Titan 2012 English
The Newsboy Legion. Vol. 1 Author Titan 2010 English
The Newsboy Legion. Vol. 2 Author DC Comics 2017 English
The Simon and Kirby superheroes Author Titan 2010 English
Captain America Comics #1 Writer Timely Publications, Meriden, Conn. 1941 English
Young romance : the best of Simon & Kirby's 1940s-50s romance comics Author Fantagraphics 2012 English
King size Kirby Author Marvel 2015 English
Young romance 2 : the early Simon & Kirby's romance comics Author Fantagraphics 2014 English
The Newsboy Legion. Vol. 2 2 Author Dc Comics 2017 English
The definitive Captain America redux Author Panini Publishing 2016 English
Captain America & The Falcon : Madbomb (Special edition) Author Hachette 2016 English
Fighting American 2 Author Titan Comics 2018 English
Golden age Captain America Author Marvel 2012 English
New Gods: Teil 2 Illustrator Eaglemoss France 0 German
The Simon & Kirby Superheroes Writer Titan Books 2010 English
The Coming of the Invaders #1 Editor Marvel Comics 1975 English
Black Cat Comics #7 Inker Harvey Comics 0 English
Horse Story / Jack the Giants Killer #3 Writer National Periodical Publications, Inc. 1974 English
Fighting American #1 Illustrator HarveyComics 0 English
Justice Traps The Guilty #8 Inker Prize Comics 0 English
Justice Traps The Guilty #1 Inker Prize Comics 0 English
Justice Traps The Guilty #6 Inker Prize Comics 0 English
Young Romance #9 Illustrator Prize Comics 0 English
Teen-Aged Dope Slaves and Reform School Girls Illustrator Eclipse Comics 0 English
"One Year After" #600 Author Marvel Comics 2009 English
Winter In America: Part VI #6 Author Marvel Comics 2019 English
My Date #2 Illustrator Hillman 0 English
Invasion Of America #3 Writer Dc Comics 0 English
Prez #2 Writer Dc Comics 0 English
Prez #4 Writer Dc Comics 0 English
Black Magic #4 Illustrator Prize Publications 0 English
Black Magic #6 Illustrator Prize Publications 0 English
Black Magic #33 Illustrator Prize Publications 0 English
Black Magic #7 Editor National Periodical Publications, Inc. 1975 English
Batman / Captain America Author Dino Verlag 1998 German
The Spirit #12 Illustrator I.W. Publishing 0 English
"Superman's Christmas Adventure" #43 Inker Dc Comics 1976 English
Bee-Man #1 Cover Artist Illustrated Humor Inc. 1966 English
"The Human Torch Battles the Sub-Mariner (Part I)" #1 Editor Marvel Comics 1999 English