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Real Name & aliases:

Marie Pommepuy, Sébastien Cosset






  • Eisner Award nomination for their comic Beautiful Darkness,
  • Ignatz Award nomination for Outstanding Graphic Novel for Beauty

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Kerascoët is the joint pen name of the French illustrators, comics and animation artists Marie Pommepuy (born 1978) and Sébastien Cosset (born 1975).A married couple, they met while attending the Olivier de Serres art school. They chose their pen name in 2000 after the hamlet of Kerascoët in Névez, Brittany where Pommepuy grew up.Kerascoët have worked on numerous bandes dessinées as well as the animated television series Petit vampire and in advertisement. Several of their comics have been published in English by NBM Publishing, to critical acclaim.They were nominated for an Eisner Award for their comic Beautiful Darkness, and for the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Graphic Novel for Beauty.

Artistic production

Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
Kerascoet set Author Unspecified 2017 English
Satania Author Unspecified 2017 English
La gallerie des illustres Author Dupuis 0 French
Miss don't touch me. Volumes 1 & 2 Author Turnaround 2011 English
Jolies Ténèbres Author Dupuis 2009 French
Bellezza Cover Artist Illustrator Bao Publishing 2014 Italian
Miss don't touch me. Vol. 2 Author Turnaround 2011 English
Miss don't touch me Author Comics Lit 2009 English
Beautiful darkness Author Drawn & Quarterly 2013 English
Beauty Author Unspecified 2014 English
Miss don't touch me 2 Author Unspecified 2014 English
Le Dojo du lagon: 4 (lvl 104) Illustrator Delcourt 2005 French
Les nouveaux centurions: 5 (lvl 105) Illustrator Delcourt 2006 French
Donjon Crépuscule 105 - Les nouveaux centurions Illustrator Delcourt 2006 French
Un cadavre exquis Author Dupuis 0 French
Jusqu'à ce que la mort nous sépare Author Dargaud 0 French
Miss Don't Touch Me: The Complete Story: La Vierge du bordel, Du sang sur les mains, Le prince charmant, and Jusqu'a ce que la mort nous spare Illustrator NBM Publishing 2015 English
Die Jungfrau im Freudenhaus Illustrator Reprodukt 0 German
Fräulein Rühr-mich-nicht-an Gesamtausgabe Illustrator Reprodukt 2016 German
Le Prince charmant Author Dargaud 0 French
La vierge du bordel Author Dargaud 0 French
Du sang sur les mains Author Dargaud 0 French
Désirs exaucés Author Dupuis 0 French
La reine indécise Author Dupuis 0 French
Simples mortels Author Dupuis 0 French
Twilight Vol. 2: Armageddon Illustrator NBM Publishing 0 English
Twilight Vol. 3: The New Centurions Illustrator NBM Publishing 0 English



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