Kevin J. Anderson

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    The orc's treasure 2 Author Hi Marketing 2005 English
    X-files Author Checker 2005 English
    The Gorn crisis 2 Author Paramount Comics 2001 English
    Night lights Author Titan 1997 English
    Trust no one Author Unspecified 2015 English
    Strange adventures Author Titan 2010 English
    Clockwork angels Author Boom! Studios 2015 English
    Star wars omnibus. Tales of the Jedi Author Dark Horse 2007 English
    X-files classics. Volume 3 Author Unspecified 2014 English
    The X-files classics. Ground zero Author Unspecified 2015 English
    Star wars : tales of the Jedi. Golden age of the Sith Author Titan 1998 English
    The Gorn crisis Author Titan 2001 English
    Stalag-X Author Vault Comics 2018 English
    X-files 2 Author Checker 2005 English
    Redemption Author Titan 2001 English
    Star Wars : Jedi Academy : Leviathan Author Titan 2000 English
    Star wars: tales of the Jedi. The fall of the Sith Empire Author Dark Horse Comics 1998 English
    The Gorn crisis 3 Author Titan 2001 English
    The orc's treasure Author Ibooks 2004 English
    Grumpy old monsters Author Diamond 2009 English
    The Sith war Author Boxtree 1995 English
    The X-files. Vol. 2 Author Titan 2008 English
    The Gorn crisis 4 Author Unspecified 2011 English
    Clockwork Angels #4 Writer Boom! 2014 Unspecified
    Clockwork Angels: 1-6 Writer Editor Boom! Studios 2015 English
    Clockwork Angels #2 Author Boom! 0 Unspecified
    Clockwork Angels #1 Author Boom! studio 0 Unspecified
    "Ray Guns and Bug-Eyed Monsters" #2 Writer Dc Comics 2004 English
    "The Lurker in the Clouds" #3 Writer Dc Comics 2004 English
    "All in Color for a Dime!" #4 Writer Dc Comics 2005 English
    "Life of a Madman" #5 Writer Dc Comics 2005 English
    "Thunder and Lightning" #6 Writer Dc Comics 2005 English
    Tales Of The Jedi: The Golden Age Of The Sith 4 : Pawns Of A Sith Lord Writer Dark Horse Comics 0 English
    Into The Unknown #1 Writer Dark Horse Comics 1996 English
    Star Wars: Jedi-Chroniken - Die Erlösung Writer Dino 2001 German