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Mark Texeira

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    A hero's death Author Unspecified 2015 English
    Ghost Rider. The life & death of Johnny Blaze Author Marvel Publishing 2007 English
    Ghost Rider. Danny Ketch classic Author Marvel Publishing 2009 English
    Red Spike Author Image Comics 2012 English
    Vampirella masters series Author Dynamite Entertainment 2010 English
    Origins & endings Author Diamond 2006 English
    Wolverine 5 Author Diamond 2006 English
    God & country 2 Author Diamond 2008 English
    Punisher Author Marvel 2012 English
    Essential Wolverine. Volume 3 Author Marvel 2012 English
    House of M. Wolverine,, Iron Man & Hulk Author Marvel Pub 2010 English
    The Punisher. Very special holidays Author Diamond 2006 English
    Ghost rider ultimate collection Author Marvel 2015 English
    Moon Knight. Vol. 4. The death of Marc Spector Author Marvel Publishing 2009 English
    The Sentry Author Marvel Worldwide 2018 English
    The darkness. Vol. 5 Author Diamond 2006 English
    Ghost rider. Vol. 1. Vicious cycle Author Marvel Publishing 2007 English
    God & country Author Diamond 2008 English
    PSI-Force classic Author Diamond 2008 English
    Nightmare Author Marvel 2013 English
    Just a pilgrim 3 Author Diamond 2008 English
    Black Panther by Christopher Priest : the complete collection. Volume 1 Author Marvel 2015 English
    Sabretooth : deathhunt Author Boxtree 1995 English
    Sabretooth n. 1 ( Marvel 1993 ) Die-Cut cover - Back cover art by Mark Texeira. Cover Artist Illustrator Marvel Comics 1993 English
    Cavalieri Marvel # 1 Illustrator Inker Marvel Italia 1999 Italian



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