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Mike W. Barr

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Dark knight dynasty Author Titan 1998 English
    The landmark crossover Author Titan 1995 English
    Emancipation and beyond Author Boxtree 1994 English
    The maze agency Author Diamond 2005 English
    The Wolverine files Author Pocket 2009 English
    Tales of the Batman : Carmine Infantino Author Dc Comics 2014 English
    Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Author Titan 2009 English
    Batman and the outsiders. volume 1 Author Dc Comics 2017 English
    Batman : year two (30th anniversary deluxe edition) Author Dc Comics 2017 English
    Dark knight dynasty 2 Author Titan 1997 English
    The Greatest Batman stories ever told : including the best selling graphic novel Son of the demon Author Hamlyn 1989 English
    Millennium bloom Author Pocket 2011 English
    Camelot 3000 2 Author Dc Comics 2013 English
    Star trek : deep space nine Author Boxtree 1994 English
    The maze agency 2 Author Diamond 2007 English
    Batman. Birth of the Demon Author Dc Comics 2012 English
    Requiem for a rogue Author Titan 1999 English
    Star Trek archives Author Unspecified 2008 English
    To boldly go Author Titan 2005 English
    The maze agency 4 Author Diamond 2007 English
    Batman and the Outsiders. Vol. 2 Author Dc Comics 2018 English
    The six-fingered hand Author Marvel Worldwide 2016 English
    Batman year two : fear the reaper Author Titan 2003 English
    Batman : the Wrath Author Dc Comics 2009 English
    Batman : legends of the Dark Knight. Volume 4 Author Dc Comics 2015 English
    Batman '66. Vol Author Dc Comics 2015 English
    The maze agency 3 Author Diamond 2007 English
    Camelot 3000 Author Titan 2009 English
    Best of Klingons Author Unspecified 2013 English
    Star Wars omnibus. The other sons of Tatooine Author Dark Horse 2012 English
    Freedom 3 Author Dc Comics 2016 English
    The Starcrusher trap Author Dark Horse 2011 English
    Beware the Batman. Volume 1 Author Dc Comics 2015 English
    Batman and the Outsiders. Volume one Author Dc Comics 2007 English
    Suicide Squad most wanted : Katana Author Dc Comics 2016 English
    Camelot 3000 : the deluxe edition Author Dc Comics 2008 English
    Power Man and Iron Fist. Volume 2. Power Man and Iron Fist #76-100 & Daredevil #178 (Direct edition) Author Marvel Publishing 2009 English
    Devil & Hulk #0 Writer Marvel Italia 1994 Italian



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