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Ralph Steadman

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Sigmund Freud Author Penguin 1982 English
    Sigmund Freud 2 Author Paddington 1979 English
    I Leonardo Author Cape 1983 English
    The big I am Author Cape 1988 English
    Between the eyes Author Cape 1984 English
    Tales of the weirrd Author Cape 1990 English
    Still life with raspberry : or,, The bumper book of Steadman Author Rapp & Whiting 1969 English
    Gonzo,, the art Author Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1998 English
    Ralph Steadman's Nextinction 2 Author Bloomsbury 2015 English
    Dogs bodies Author Abelard-Schuman 1970 English
    Dog bodies Author Paddington 1977 English
    Proud too be weirrd (Limited edition) Author AMMO 2013 English
    Jones of Colorado Author Ebury 1995 English
    Critical critters 2 Author Bloomsbury 2017 English
    A leg in the wind Author Arrow 1982 English
    Critical critters Author Bloomsbury 2017 English
    Near the bone Author Arrow 1990 English
    Proud too be weirrd 2 Author AMMO 2013 English
    Ralph Steadman's extinct boids 2 Author Bloomsbury 2012 English
    Gonzo,, the art 2 Author Phoenix 1999 English
    The Ralph Steadman book of cats Author Atlantic 2012 English
    Critical Critters 3 Author Book Promotions 2017 English
    The joke's over : bruised memories--Gonzo,, Hunter Thompson and me Author Heinemann 2006 English
    The joke's over : memories of Hunter S. Thompson Author Arrow 2007 English
    Ralph Steadman's extinct boids Author Bloomsbury 2012 English
    Ralph Steadman's nextinction Author Bloomsbury 2015 English



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