Roger Langridge

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    The Baker Street peculiars Author KaBOOM! 2017 English
    Thor comic reader 2 Author Marvel 2013 English
    Rocky & Bullwinkle : moose on the loose Author Unspecified 2014 English
    Betty Boop Author Dynamite Entertainment 2017 English
    Fred the clown Author Fantagraphics 2004 English
    Sugary shorts. Volume 2 Author Titan 2016 English
    The mighty avenger. Volume 2 Author Marvel 2011 English
    Sugary shorts. Volume two (Mathematical edition) Author Titan 2015 English
    Little Nemo's Big New Dreams Illustrator TOON Graphics 2015 English
    The louche and insalubrious escapades of Art d'Ecco Author Fantagraphics 2006 English
    Thor : the mighty avenger : the complete collection Author Marvel 2013 English
    The four seasons digest Author Marvel 2012 English
    The flood : collected comic strips from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine Author Panini 2007 English
    The Rocketeer vs. Hollywood Horror Author Unspecified 2013 English
    Jim Henson's The storyteller Author Archaia Entertainment 2013 English
    Popeye : the whole shebang Author Unspecified 2014 English
    A princess of Mars Author Marvel 2012 English
    The musical monsters of Turkey Hollow : the lost television special Author Archaia 2014 English
    Un pensiero abbagliante. Niels Bohr e la fisica dei quanti Illustrator Sironi 2013 Italian
    Cabbages and kings Author KaBOOM! 2013 English
    Abigail and the snowman Author KaBOOM! 2016 English
    Fred the clown in...the Iron Duchess Author Fantagraphics 2017 English
    The Muppets omnibus Author Marvel 2014 English
    Popeye 2 Author Unspecified 2012 English
    Adventure Time 2013 Annual #1 Writer Illustrator KaBOOM! 2013 English
    No More Mrs. Nice Nun Illustrator Antipodes Publishing 0 English
    The CBLDF Presents: Liberty Illustrator Image Comics, Inc. 2014 English
    Faction 1 - Kiwi Comic Anthology Author 3 Bad Monkeys 0 English
    Civil War Extra 3 Illustrator Panini Comics 2007 French
    Flinch. Book two Author DC Comics 2016 English
    Cthulhu Tales Omnibus Madness Illustrator Boom! Studios 2011 English
    The Goon Noir Writer Illustrator Dark Horse Books 2007 English
    The Goon Noir #2 Writer Illustrator Dark Horse Comics, Inc. 2006 English