Sal Trapani

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Tales of the Batman : Carmine Infantino Author Dc Comics 2014 English
    Tales Of The Green Lantern Corps Volume 2: 168,169,171,172,173,177,179,180,181,182,183,185,187,188,189,190, TotGLC Annual #1 Inker Dc Comics 0 English
    Holocaust At The Heart Of The Atom #156 Illustrator Magazine Management Co., Inc. 1972 English
    Nightmare In Niagara Falls #160 Inker Magazine Management Co., Inc. 1973 English
    Beyond The Border Lurks Death #161 Inker Magazine Management Co., Inc. 1973 English
    Spider-Man Team-Up : L' Intégrale 1973-1974 Inker Panini Comics 2012 French
    Prey of the Hunter! #104 Inker Marvel 1973 English
    Life Be Not Proud! #106 Inker Marvel 1973 English
    "...Then Came Ramrod!" #103 Inker Marvel Comics 1973 English
    Wizardous Waters Run Deep #61 Inker Marvel Comics 1981 English
    Get Smart #8 Illustrator Dell Publishing Co., Inc. 1967 English
    "Galg the Destroyer" #73 Inker Dc Comics 1967 English
    Pawns of Attuma! #9 Inker Marvel Comics 1976 English
    Massacre Along The Amazon #24 Inker Marvel Comics 1975 English
    The Triumph Of Tiger-Claw #4 Inker Marvel Comics Group 1975 English
    Moondog is Another Name for Murder #24 Inker Marvel 1974 English
    Chaos at the Earth's Core! #17 Inker Marvel 1974 English
    The Hallelujah Trail Inker Dell Publishing Co., Inc. 1966 English
    Enter The Headmen #21 Inker Marvel Comics 1975 English
    Forbidden Worlds #144 Illustrator Inker Best Syndicated Features, Inc. 1967 English
    The Wild, Wild West #4 Illustrator Inker Western Publishing Company, Inc. 1968 English
    The Plague #20 Illustrator Inker K.K. Publications, Inc. 1967 English
    Twilight Zone: Dream Of The Devil #46 Inker Western Publishing Company, Inc. 1972 English
    Beast #19 Inker Hachette Partworks Ltd 0 English
    Awake, Barbaric Titan! #39 Inker Dc Comics 1972 English