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Steve Bell

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    The if _ chronicles Author Methuen 1983 English
    If - only again Author Methuen 1984 English
    Maggie's farm Author Penguin 1981 English
    Another load of IF- Author Methuen 1985 English
    The vengeance of if- Author Methuen 1989 English
    The revolutionary if- Author Methuen 1990 English
    If-- bursts out Author Jonathan Cape 2010 English
    For whom Bell tolls Author Methuen 1994 English
    The big if - Author Methuen 1995 English
    The If files 2 Author Methuen 1997 English
    The Steve Bell album Author Methuen 1998 English
    Unstoppable If_ Author Methuen 2001 English
    Chairman Blair's little red book Author Methuen 2001 English
    If - marches on Author Methuen 2006 English
    The if files Author Methuen 1997 English
    Unspeakable if - Author Methuen 2003 English
    If : the graphic novel Author Vintage Digital 2015 English
    If - Kicks butt Author Mandarin 1991 English
    If-goes down the John Author Mandarin 1992 English
    If-bottoms out Author Mandarin 1993 English
    The unrepeatable Author Methuen 1986 English
    Maggie's farm : the last roundup Author Methuen Paperback 1987 English
    If- bounces back Author Methuen 1987 English
    If _ breezes in Author Methuen 1988 English
    Apes of wrath Author Methuen 2004 English



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