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About the Becomix project

The Becomix team is made out of three people. The founder of Becomix is Juan Scassa. Juan is a Japanese translation expert (italian translator of Tsuge Yoshiharu, Tayo Matsumoto, Nishioka Brosis and many more), comics critic (Coconino, Fumettologica and Lo Spazio Bianco), musician (The Piramide di Sangue, Futeisha) and underground comics writer. Currently he is taking care of Becomix digital strategy and blog. The website development is taken care of by Giuseppe Giulio Roberti, web developer and SEO, and by Giacomo Roberti. Both learned the python language specifically for the project. If you are interested in collaborating for the development of the platform, test it or give us advice you can contact us or subscribe to the Facebook group.

Technical info:

  • Hosting: Pythonanywhere;
  • application: Web2py;
  • database: MySql;
  • search engine: Elasticsearch 6;
  • repository: GitHub;

Join us!

send us a line: info[at]becomix.me



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