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last update: 3/2021.

What is Becomix?

BECOMIX is a crowdsourced DATABASE of comics built by a big community. Users can consult the database searching by author, title, publishers, serie, magazine, format, genres and characters. Users can freely contribute to the database (ADD COMIC).

BECOMIX offers to users a collection management tool divided in Comic book (single issues, books and graphic novels) and Serie (complete serie). Users can mark if the comics is read, signed or write other notes. From collection, users can put their comics on sale, organize by author, publisher and more. In the Showcase section users can have an overview of their collection and select favourite comics to display on the top line.

Connected to the database there is the MARKETPLACE. From each database page, users can see if a comic book is also on sale and can contact the seller through message. Buyer and seller arrange terms of payment and shipping methods. Users can also add comics in their wantlist. We'll inform users when they are listed for sale.

BECOMIX is also a blog with reviews, interviews, translations and more. Becomix is a community of comics collectors and aficionados, who interact and help each other. Join our community and create your virtual library!

Project Core Values

What can I do on Becomix?

  1. You can create new comics pages using ;

  2. You can add comics to your Collection using ;

  3. You can put comics on sale in the Marketplace using ;

  4. You can buy comics in the Marketplace using ;



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