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On sale Notes Uno dei migliori esempi di autobiografia disegnata: impietosamente autoironico, questo volume è un piccolo gioiello indie! CONDIZIONI OTTIME! For over ten years Joe Matt has been notorious in cult circles for the embarrassing frankness with which he reveals his distressing habits and predilections. Utterly shameless and completely self-absorbed, Joe Matt writes with an exhibitionist's enthusiasm for his favorite subject, himself. The first incarnation of "Peepshow" was these one-page strips in which Joe shows off virtuosity for shocking self-revelation. He is an immature, womanizing, cowardly, cheap, porn freak. He also has crack comic timing and a remarkable gift for (self) caricature. The books of Joe Matt provokes this confession from guys over beer: Oh my god, he's just like me. I think those things but I never say them because my girlfriend would leave me. This diary collection made Joe Matt the hero he is today.

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