Joel Gomez

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    The world according to Batman Author Bantam Press 2014 English
    The world according to the Joker Author Bantam Press 2014 English
    The world of Flashpoint featuring The Flash Author Dc Comics 2012 English
    The iron saint Author Top Cow Productions 2010 English
    Reign of frogs Author Titan 2009 English
    Batgirl : Family business Author Dc Comics 2016 English
    Batman Saga # 7 Inker Urban Comics 2012 French
    Batman Saga # 8 Inker Urban Comics 2013 French
    Le jeu de la mort Illustrator Delcourt 0 French
    The Darkness #37 Illustrator Image Comics 2007 English
    Family Business: 41-45 Author Dc Comics 0 English