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Lorenzo Mattotti

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  • 1992: nominated for Best German-language Comic/Comic-related Publication at the Max & Moritz Prizes, Germany,
  • 1998: Inkpot Award, US,
  • 2003: Eisner Award for Best U.S. Edition of Foreign Material, USA,
  • 2003: nominated for the Artwork Award at the Angoulême International Comics Festival, France,
  • 2003: nominated for Outstanding Artist at the Ignatz Awards, USA,
  • 2017: Lucca Comics, Gran Guinigi for Best Graphic Novel, ITA

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Lorenzo Mattotti (born 24 January 1954) is an Italian comics artist as well as an illustrator. Mattotti was born in Brescia (Lombardy). He studied architecture when he was young, but did not finish the course. Instead he became a comics artist. After a few traditional comic stories he decided he wanted to tell different kinds of stories and portray these in a different style. Il Signor Spartaco was the first comic made under this ambition. The story centred on the dreams of a train passenger making it possible for Mattotti to use forms and colors in a way previously unseen in the classic French-Belgian comic world. He focused more on the inner world of his characters and the total absence of an adventure was also a radical change in the comics universe. Mattotti is mainly inspired by painters, musicians, writers and directors. To him, the relation between text and image should be the same as with text and music. The two should enrich each other. Unusually, in Mattotti's comics the text illustrates the illustration instead of the other way around. He always makes sure the text has enough freedom for multiple interpretations.

Artistic production

Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
I Maestri del fumetto - Da un Tempo lontano - Lorenzo Mattotti Author Mondadori 2009 Italian
Animals #6 Cover Artist Coniglio Editore 2009 Italian
Chimera Author Coconino Press 2006 Italian
Doctor Nefasto Illustrator Coconino Press - Fandango 2013 Italian
Il rumore della brina Author Einaudi 2003 Italian
Fuochi Author Einaudi 2009 Italian
Fuochi e altre storie Author Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso 2006 Italian



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