Falin Touden

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Ryoko Kui

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The younger sister of Laios. Her consumption by a Red Dragon prompts the Touden Party's latest expedition into the dungeon to rescue her. Falin is a very kind person who doesn't want to hurt others. She extends this kindness even to the restless dead, casting wards on her party to avoid encounters instead of dispelling the ghosts altogether. She explains dispelled ghosts reform eventually, so they would only go through needless suffering. She is caring, considerate, self-sacrificing, and reckless, among other qualities she possesses. If the lives of her loved ones are in danger, she would not hesitate to act or take the blow in their stead. This is seen from her first appearance where she sacrifices herself for her party, but she also consistently exhibits this trait in multiple flashbacks throughout the story. She, like her brother, has a fanatic interest in biology from a young age. When Laios recounts the kind of monsters they ate during their journey, she was amazed instead of repulsed. This was not a secret to the party either; Marcille anticipated Falin's excited reaction to eating monsters and Shuro fell in love with her because she was fascinated with insects. Falin had been nearsighted since she was a child, which caused her to develop a habit of squinting at things in order to see them. Her favorite foods are fruit and cream and she does not dislike any food in particular. (Source: Delicious in Dungeon Wiki)

Cover Comic Title Publisher Year Language
Dungeon Food #1 (ITA) J-POP Manga (Edizione BD) 2017 Italian
Dungeon Food #4 (ITA) J-POP Manga (Edizione BD) 2018 Italian