Laios Touden

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Ryoko Kui

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Despite being looked down on by most characters, Laios is an incredibly strong fighter and the leader of the party. He uses the knowledge gained from cooking monsters to develop techniques to defeat them, but is also shown to have certain mythology and biological factors of them memorized, as shown with the dragons in the fight with the Lunatic Magician. He is a very calm and gentle person but gets very passionate when he talks about monsters, which irritates most of the people around him. He tends to speak very quickly when excited and makes animated hand gestures as well as facial expressions, a complete 180 from his usual demeanor. Though he's intelligent and passionate when it comes to monsters, as well as talented with combat, he falters in most situations outside of the dungeon. He's shown to struggle with other people, missing social cues and being overly blunt, which often leads to arguments with others. Despite having good intentions and seeing most people as his friends, those same people are uncomfortable around Laios and see him as someone who has the potential to become "evil" due to not understanding him. Though this struggle persists throughout the series, he stays extremely friendly and accepting towards others, even if they do not do the same for him, being quick to forge friendships with other groups and even orcs. Possibly due to his indifference towards most living things other than monsters, he doesn't really see a difference between himself and other races, including the orcs. Despite his deep love and admiration of monsters he has no illusions to the threat they pose. If anything his reverence of them has made him extra cautious to them. His favorite foods are dairy products, especially cheesecake, and his least favorite type of foods are squid/octopus. (Source: Delicious in Dungeon Wiki)