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Senshi is a dwarf with tan skin, long black hair and round black eyes, and possesses a stocky build. He also has a long and ruffled beard, which was initially very dirty (to the point of being resistant to magic) but was later cleaned with assistance from Marcille. Compared to the rest of the group, he has a more cartoonish face, with rounded eyes and a very pronounced nose. His eyes also go slit-eyed when skeptical. A dwarf warrior who joins the party so he can fulfil his dream of cooking the red dragon Laios and his party have set out to kill. Senshi has an immense knowledge of the dungeon and the monsters within it, and is an expert chef. He typically fights with a large axe but always carries a pot and cooking utensils. He makes sure the party is well fed and has a balanced diet. He despises all forms of magic, believing its overuse can lead to one's downfall. He is initially quite stubborn about not using it at all, but eventually accepts essential spells to traverse the dungeon. He becomes unnerved at the presence of resurrection magic, as he says it is unnatural for people to come back from the dead. In other words, he treats magic with a great deal of gravity and caution. (Source: Dungeon Meshi Wiki & Wikipedia)