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November 1982





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Locations: New York City, Baxter Building, Times Square, Negative Zone Items:Evolution Accelerator, Negative Zone Portal Vehicles: Fantasti-Car MK I (Flying Bathtub),Fantasti-Car MK II (Destroyed) Synopsis: The super-evolved being that was Randolph James hovers over Times Square, causing panic among New York's citizens while he himself remains oblivious to their concerns. Threatened by a street gang he turns them into insects, but when this attracts the attention of a member of the NYPD the self-styled Futurist, mindful of the police's protective role, merely propels the officer into the East River with but a single thought. All the while he is watched from afar by Blastaar, who covets James' power in his desire to defeat the Fantastic Four. At the Baxter Building, Reed recounts James' startling transformation to his teammates before setting off with Ben and Johnny in pursuit of his erstwhile colleague. As the three approach, Blastaar confronts the Futurist and tricks him into thinking he is under attack by the FF. The combined might of the Futurist and Blastaar is enough to subdue the FF's attack, and the pair head for the Baxter Building. Inside the FF's headquarters they attack Sue, rendering her unconscious, and as Blastaar sets about trying to destroy the portal to the Negative Zone, an incensed Franklin intercedes and uses his vast mutant powers to transport Blastaar through the portal and back into his home dimension. The Futurist reveals that, contrary to expectations, he is not so out of touch with everyday human experience as Reed thinks, for it was he who caused Sue's unconsciousness out of a desire to protect her and to see Franklin's powers manifest themselves against Blastaar. With that the Futurist departs to seek his greater destiny among the stars. As the FF are dumbfounded by what they have witnessed, Reed is concerned by who or what could have activated the computer controls to the Negative Zone to free Blastaar in the first place. Unseen by the quarter, HERBIE the robot lurks ominously in the shadows.
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