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Comic Title Publisher Year Language
Clive Barker's next testament. Volume 2 Boom! 2015 English
The woods. Vol. 2. The swarm Boom! 2015 English
Imagine agents Boom! 2014 English
Garfield. Volume 5 Boom! 2016 English
Regular show. Volume 7 Boom! 2016 English
Bee and Puppycat. Volume 3 Boom! 2016 English
The complete Frank Miller RoboCop omnibus Boom! 2016 English
The Spire Boom! 2016 English
Steven Universe & the Crystal Gems. Volume 1 Boom! 2016 English
Adventure time. Vol. 9 Boom! 2016 English
Translucid Boom! 2015 English
Out there. Volume 3 Boom! 2017 English
Last sons of America Boom! 2017 English
Snow blind Boom! 2017 English
Adventure Time Comics. Volume 1 Boom! 2017 English
Peanuts. Vol. 5 Boom! 2015 English
Ice King. Volume 1 Boom! 2016 English
The brain robbers Boom! 2017 English
Over the garden wall. Volume 1 Boom! 2017 English
Clive Barker's nightbreed. Volume 1 Boom! 2015 English
The hand of the island Boom! 2015 English
Adventure time. Volume 10 2 Boom! 2016 English
Sons of Anarchy. Vol. 2 Boom! 2015 English
Deathmatch. Vol. 3 Boom! 2015 English
The human element Boom! 2014 English
Six-Gun Gorilla Boom! 2015 English
Fanboys vs. zombies. Vol. 5 Boom! 2014 English
Planet of the Apes. 4. The half man Boom! 2013 English
Farscape. Volume 7. The war for the uncharted territories Boom! 2015 English
Ragnarok and roll Boom! 2016 English
The woods. Vol. 3. New London Boom! 2015 English
Curb stomp Boom! 2016 English
Sons of anarchy. Volume 4 Boom! 2016 English
Big trouble in little China. Volume two. The return of Lo Pan & how Jack Burton became King of the Lords of Death Boom! 2016 English
Peanuts. Volume 7 Boom! 2016 English
Capture creatures Boom! 2016 English
UFOlogy Boom! 2016 English
Fanboys vs. zombies. Volume two. Appetite for destruction Boom! 2013 English
The Hypernaturals. Volume two Boom! 2013 English



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