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Comic Title Publisher Year Language
Aliens,, predator : the deadliest of the species Boxtree 1995 English
The mask Boxtree 1994 English
Thriving on vague objectives Boxtree 2005 English
X-men adventures Boxtree 1994 English
Daredevil : the man without fear Boxtree 1995 English
Hearts and minds Boxtree 1995 English
Emancipation and beyond Boxtree 1994 English
Necroscope Boxtree 1994 English
Robocop : prime suspect Boxtree 1994 English
Dark empire : the collection Boxtree 1994 English
Sex,, shopping & chocolate : the world of Dot Boxtree 1996 English
The boss : nameless,, blameless and shameless : a Dilbert book Boxtree 1998 English
No _ you'd better watch out : a Dilbert book Boxtree 1998 English
You can't schedule stupidity : a Dilbert book Boxtree 1998 English
Don't stand where the comet is assumed to strike oil Boxtree 2004 English
You don't need experience if you've got attitude : a Dilbert book Boxtree 1998 English
On the prowl : the secret life of cats Boxtree 2016 English
Conversations with Dogbert Boxtree 1998 English
The Dilbert bunch : a Dilbert book Boxtree 1998 English
Please don't feed the egos,, and other tips for corporate survival : a Dilbert book Boxtree 1998 English
Modern toss book : from *hitflap Boxtree 2004 English
Off the leash : the secret life of dogs 2 Boxtree 2013 English
The letters of Oscar Wendlow,, London cabbie and portrait painter to the stars Boxtree 1999 English
Wigwatching Boxtree 2002 English
Viz : the bear trapper's hat Boxtree 2003 English
Another pair of underpants Boxtree 1994 English
More red meat : the second collection of Red meat cartoons Boxtree 1999 English
Alice in Blunderland Boxtree 1999 English
The best of Daddy Boxtree 1999 English
Return of lost consonants Boxtree 1999 English
love is in the air 2 Boxtree 1998 English
Born crabby Boxtree 1998 English
Laughter is the best exercise Boxtree 1998 English
We love Daddy Boxtree 1997 English
Still pumped from using the mouse Boxtree 1996 English
Daddy Boxtree 1996 English
On the prowl Boxtree 2016 English
I'm not anti-business,, I'm anti-idiot Boxtree 1998 English
Journey to Cubeville Boxtree 1998 English
Don't step in the leadership Boxtree 1999 English
25 years of Viz : silver-plated jubilee Boxtree 2004 English
Excuse me while I wag Boxtree 2001 English
Matt Groening's the Simpsons guide to Springfield Boxtree 1998 English
Seven years of highly defective people : Scott Adams' guided tour of the evolution of Dilbert Boxtree 1998 English
Fugitive from the cubicle police Boxtree 1998 English
Red meat : a collection of Red meat cartoons from the secret files of Max Cannon Boxtree 1998 English
Dilbert : when body language goes bad Boxtree 2003 English
Eating is my business Boxtree 1998 English
Excelsior! : the amazing life of Stan Lee 2 Boxtree 2002 English
Dilbert and the way of the weasel Boxtree 2002 English
Modern Toss Christmas special : sixty pages of seasonal analysis in cartoon Boxtree 2008 English
Off the leash : the secret life of dogs Boxtree 2013 English
Terminator 2: judgment day : cybernetic dawn Boxtree 1996 English
Off the leash : it's a dog's life Boxtree 2015 English
Star wars classic Boxtree 1995 English
Star wars classic 2 Boxtree 1995 English
Ranma 1/2 Boxtree 1994 English
Ranma 1/2 2 Boxtree 1994 English
Star trek : deep space nine Boxtree 1994 English
The best of Dilbert Boxtree 2002 English
The best of Dilbert 2 Boxtree 2002 English
101 uses for a dead meerkat Boxtree 2011 English
Wolverine Boxtree 1994 English
Always postpone meetings with time-wasting morons : a Dilbert book Boxtree 1995 English
The uncanny X-men. Executions Boxtree 1995 English
Judge Dredd : Ferguson's story Boxtree 1995 English
Off the leash. A dog's best friend Boxtree 2014 English
The best of British comic art Boxtree 1989 English
Zig and Zag in yer face Boxtree 1994 English
X-men 2 Boxtree 1994 English
Brood trouble in the big easy : X-men,, Ghost Rider Boxtree 1994 English
X-Men : the essential guide Boxtree 1994 English
Wolverine 2 Boxtree 1994 English
Sex? Boxtree 1993 English
Thunderbirds : the ultimate pop-up fact book Boxtree 1993 English
Viz annual 2006 : the butcher's dustbin Boxtree 2005 English
Modern toss : from *hitflap 2 Boxtree 2004 English
Modern toss,, another book : from *hitflap Boxtree 2007 English
Spider-man's greatest team-ups Boxtree 1996 English
The modern toss guide to work Boxtree 2007 English
Classic Star Wars : a new hope Boxtree 1995 English
Star Wars : Jabba the Hutt Boxtree 1995 English
Revenge of the Sinister 6 Boxtree 1995 English
101 uses for a dead meerkat 2 Boxtree 2011 English
Star wars : a new hope Boxtree 1997 English
Spider-Man's greatest villains Boxtree 1995 English
Street Fighter II Boxtree 1995 English
What would Wally do? : a Dilbert book Boxtree 2006 English
Off the leash. It's a dog's life 2 Boxtree 2015 English
Rogue Boxtree 1995 English
Spider-Man,, masques Boxtree 1995 English
Wolverine : triumphs and tragedies Boxtree 1995 English
Spider-Man: 'perceptions' Boxtree 1995 English
Star wars : heir to the empire : based on the novel by Timothy Zahn Boxtree 1996 English
Bring me the head of Willy the mailboy! Boxtree 1995 English
The adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix Boxtree 1995 English
The phantom affair Boxtree 1998 English
X-men. Bishop : the Mountjoy crisis Boxtree 1996 English
The Maquis Boxtree 1996 English
Splinter of the mind's eye Boxtree 1996 English
Shanghaied Boxtree 1996 English
Barb wire : the official adaptation of the hit movie starring Pamela Anderson Lee! Boxtree 1996 English
Star Wars: shadows of the Empire Boxtree 1997 English
Bounty on Bar-Kooda Boxtree 1996 English
Star Wars,, battle of the bounty hunters Boxtree 1996 English
Silver Sable Boxtree 1996 English
All you can eat of home-clubber Boxtree 2009 English
Stan Lee presents X-Men : danger room battle archives Boxtree 1996 English
The fox & the bug Boxtree 1996 English
X-men : alterniverse visions Boxtree 1996 English
Dark lords of the Sith Boxtree 1995 English
Terminator 2 : nuclear twilight Boxtree 1996 English
The Sith war Boxtree 1995 English
Casual day has gone too far Boxtree 1997 English
X-men visionaries : the Neal Adams collection. 2 Boxtree 1996 English
Star Wars : droids : rebellion Boxtree 1996 English
Spider-man : chance encounter! Boxtree 1996 English
Rebel agent Boxtree 1998 English
Animal lovers Boxtree 1995 English
Excelsior! : the amazing life of Stan Lee Boxtree 2003 English
The empire strikes back Boxtree 1995 English
Return of the Jedi Boxtree 1995 English
FoxTrot Boxtree 1995 English
Dark lords of the Sith 2 Boxtree 1995 English
Pass the loot : a Foxtrot collection Boxtree 1995 English
Marvels Boxtree 1995 English
The dark design Boxtree 1995 English
Aliens,, predator : the deadliest of the species. Book 2 Boxtree 1995 English
Gambit Boxtree 1995 English
Species Boxtree 1995 English
Sabretooth : deathhunt Boxtree 1995 English
Droids Boxtree 1995 English
Tales of the Jedi : the collection + the Freedon Nadd uprising Boxtree 1994 English
Shave the whales Boxtree 1995 English
The Shadow Boxtree 1994 English
Zig and Zag big sexy book Boxtree 1994 English
Rugrats ... annual Boxtree 1996 English
The return of the sinister six Boxtree 1994 English