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Comic Title Publisher Year Language
They drew as they pleased. The hidden art of Disney's musical years : 1940s. Part 1 (Music,, Maestro! -- The Bug Orchestra and Walt Scott -- Kay Nielsen -- Sylvia Holland -- Retta Scott -- David Hall) Chronicle 2016 English
Earthling! Chronicle 2012 English
Superman (Masterpiece edition) Chronicle 1999 English
Batman : the caped crusader's golden age (Masterpiece edition) Chronicle 2000 English
Oopsy Daisy's bad day Chronicle 2002 English
What Willie wore : scenes from the life & wardrobe of a very fashionable dog Chronicle 2003 English
Bon Bon on the go-go Chronicle 2003 English
The art of Finding Nemo Chronicle 2003 English
I can't be good all the time : an Anne Taintor collection Chronicle 2003 English
Wonder Woman : the life and times of the Amazon Princess : the complete story Chronicle 2000 English
Draw the Looney Tunes : the Warner Bros. character manual Chronicle 2005 English
From girls to grrrlz : a history of [symbol for females] comics from teens to zines Chronicle 1999 English
From girls to grrrlz Chronicle 1999 English
Playboy : 50 years,, the cartoons Chronicle 2004 English
Jack Cole and Plastic Man : forms stretched to their limits Chronicle 2001 English
The art of Pixar short films Chronicle 2009 English
All my friends are still dead Chronicle 2012 English
The art of Tangled Chronicle 2010 English
Emily's book of strange Chronicle 2003 English
Comic-con : 40 years of artists,, writers,, fans & friends Chronicle 2009 English
Super graphic : a visual guide to the comic book universe Chronicle 2013 English
Emily Chronicle 2001 English
The art of Monsters,, Inc Chronicle 2001 English
Goodnight Darth Vader Chronicle 2014 English
Twitter: the comic (the book) : comics based on the greatest tweets of our generation Chronicle 2014 English
Fowl play 2 Chronicle 2015 English
Lowriders to the Center of the Earth. Book 3 Chronicle 2016 English
The land of lines Chronicle 2015 English
Lowriders in space Chronicle 2014 English
Sparky : the life and art of Charles Schulz Chronicle 2010 English
In the kitchen with Alain Passard : inside the world (and mind) of a master chef Chronicle 2013 English
Roadstrips : a graphic journey across America Chronicle 2005 English
Obsessed with Marvel : test your knowledge of the Marvel universe Chronicle 2010 English
Emily's good nightmares Chronicle 2005 English
Lowriders to the Center of the Earth Chronicle 2016 English
I'm becoming my mother : an Anne Taintor collection Chronicle 2004 English
Darth Vader and friends Chronicle 2015 English
Conversation sparks : trivia worth talking about Chronicle 2015 English
Kids are weird : and other observations from parenthood Chronicle 2014 English
Laugh lines Chronicle 2010 English
Cats are weird and more observations Chronicle 2010 English
Wonder Woman : the life and times of the Amazon Princess : the complete story 2 Chronicle 2000 English
Batman : the complete history Chronicle 2004 English
Superman : the complete history : the life and times of the man of steel Chronicle 2004 English
Catwoman : the life and times of a feline fatale Chronicle 2003 English
My milk toof : the big and small adventures of two baby teef Chronicle 2011 English



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