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Comic Title Publisher Year Language
Lightrunner Dover 2017 English
Seekers into the mystery Dover 2017 English
Eighty drawings : including 'The weaker sex - the story of a susceptible bachelor' Dover 2013 English
Billy Budd Dover 2016 English
World without end : the complete collection Dover 2016 English
Georgie : the story of a man,, his dog,, and a pin Dover 2016 English
Blackjack : second bite of The Cobra Dover 2015 English
Wandering star Dover 2016 English
Worry doll Dover 2016 English
Little Nemo in the palace of ice and further adventures 2 Dover 2017 English
Through the habitrails : life before and after my career in the cubicles Dover 2016 English
Kafkaesque Dover 2017 English
White collar : a novel in linocuts Dover 2016 English
Boys of Sheriff Street Dover 2016 English
Paleo : the complete collection Dover 2016 English
Little Tulip Dover 2016 English
Umbra Dover 2017 English
Last of the dragons Dover 2016 English
Civil War adventure. Book two Dover 2016 English
Fires & murmur Dover 2017 English
Mercy Dover 2015 English
USS Stevens : the collected stories Dover 2016 English
My war 2 (New edition,, foreword by Peter Kuper) Dover 2015 English
Secret teachings of a comic book master : the art of Alfredo Alcala Dover 2015 English
The magician's wife 2 (New edition) Dover 2015 English
The art of cartooning Dover 2004 English
A sailor's story Dover 2015 English
The puma blues Dover 2015 English
BOZZ chronicles Dover 2015 English
Simplicissimus : 180 satirical drawings from the famous German weekly Dover 1975 English
French satirical drawings from 'L'Assiette au beurre' : selection,, translations,, and text Dover 1978 English
The City: A Vision in Woodcuts Dover 0 Unspecified
Little Orphan Annie in Cosmic City Dover 1982 English
Ecce homo Dover 1976 English
Cruikshank prints for hand coloring : 16 plates on fine-quality paper suitable for watercolors Dover 1979 English
ATTU : the collected volumes Dover 2016 English
You can draw cartoons Dover 2003 English
French satirical drawings from 'L'Assiette au beurre' Dover 1978 English
Night and the enemy Dover 2015 English
Civil War adventure Dover 2015 English
Time Breakers : the complete collection Dover 2017 English
Border worlds Dover 2017 English
Little girl dreams of taking the veil Dover 2017 English
It shouldn't happen (to a dog) Dover 2015 English
Dracula 9 Dover 2014 English
Frankenstein 11 Dover 2014 English
The hound of the Baskervilles 6 Dover 2014 English
Through hell with Hiprah Hunt Dover 2016 English
Murder by remote control Dover 2016 English
Private beach Dover 2016 English
Make your own movie machine : build a paper zoetrope and learn to make animation cells Dover 2014 English



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