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Comic Title Publisher Year Language
A disease of language 2 Knockabout 2010 English
Hieronymus Knockabout 2015 English
Alpha...directions Knockabout 2015 English
Depresso,, or: how I learned to stop worrying . . . and embrace being bonkers! Knockabout 2010 English
Calculus cat Knockabout 2014 English
Deserter's masquerade Knockabout 2017 English
Paris : the dark side of glamour in the City of Lights Knockabout 2012 English
The Weirdo years,, 1981-'93 Knockabout 2013 English
The Hartlepool monkey Knockabout 2013 English
My troubles with women 2 Knockabout 1990 English
Beatles with an A : birth of a band Knockabout 2014 English
Not Quite Dead. Last gig in Shnagrlig Knockabout 2009 English
Pilgrim & Son in The festival ritual Knockabout 2005 English
The best of wonder wart-hog Knockabout 2013 English
Famous tales of Fat Freddy's cat Knockabout 1994 English
Scotland yardie Knockabout 2016 English
Parallel lives : an anthology by The London Print Studio Comics Collective Knockabout 2012 English
Lost girls 3 Knockabout 2012 English
The pen is mightier than the sword : seven silent comix Knockabout 2018 English
Bloke's progress : an introduction to the world of John Ruskin Knockabout 2018 English
The Celestial Bibendum Knockabout 2012 English
The Fat Freddy's cat omnibus Knockabout 2009 English
The playwright Knockabout 2010 English
Krent Able's Big book of mischief Knockabout 2012 English
Fifty freakin' years with the fabulous furry Freak Brothers Knockabout 2017 English
The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers omnibus Knockabout 2008 English
Hot jazz : the adventures of Max Zillion and Alto Ego Knockabout 2015 English
Wrinkles = Rides Knockabout 2015 English
In God we trust Knockabout 2015 English
Sam Zabel and the magic pen Knockabout 2014 English
The fabulous furry freak brothers : collection four Knockabout 1989 English
Peter Pank Knockabout 1990 English
MC² : a critical mass of comics by British artists Knockabout 2006 English
R. Crumb's America Knockabout 1994 English
The From hell companion Knockabout 2013 English
Ready for pop Knockabout 2016 English
Dante's Inferno 2 Knockabout 2012 English