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Comic Title Publisher Year Language
A hundred and one more uses of a dead cat Mandarin 1992 English
Top dog : Thelwell's complete canine compendium Mandarin 1992 English
Thelwell's pony cavalcade 3 Mandarin 1992 English
The cat's pyjamas Mandarin 1993 English
ABC warriors,, Khronicles of Khaos Mandarin 1992 English
Thelwell's pony panorama 2 Mandarin 1989 English
Alex Mandarin 1989 English
Penelope 2 Mandarin 1989 English
This desirable plot : a dream-house hunter's nightmare Mandarin 1990 English
Thelwell's riding academy 2 Mandarin 1992 English
Merrie England PLC Mandarin 1990 English
Thelwell's Penelope rides again Mandarin 1991 English
If - Kicks butt Mandarin 1991 English
It's only you that's incompatible! Mandarin 1991 English
How about a little quarrel before bed?,, and other diversions Mandarin 1991 English
But it's my turn to leave you Mandarin 1991 English
Dubious practices Mandarin 1991 English
A hundred and one uses of a dead cat Mandarin 1991 English
The Man who - and other drawings 2 Mandarin 1991 English
A leg at each corner : Thelwell's complete guide to equitation 2 Mandarin 1991 English
Three sheets in the wind : Thelwell's manual of sailing equitation Mandarin 1991 English
Up the garden path : Thelwell's guide to gardening 2 Mandarin 1991 English
Angels on horseback : and else-where Mandarin 1991 English
The effluent society 2 Mandarin 1971 English
Thelwell's compleat tangler : being a pictorial discourse of anglers and angling Mandarin 1991 English
Thelwell's magnificat Mandarin 1991 English
Thelwell's gymkhana Mandarin 1991 English
Thelwell's book of leisure Mandarin 1991 English
Play it as it liesk Mandarin 1991 English
Thelwell's brat race Mandarin 1991 English
Thelwell goes west Mandarin 1993 English
If-goes down the John Mandarin 1992 English
Uses of a dead cat in history Mandarin 1992 English
Thelwell country Mandarin 1993 English
Batman,, Judge Dredd : judgement on Gotham (New edition) Mandarin 1992 English
Judge Dredd : Raptaur Mandarin 1992 English
Judge Dredd : democracy now! Mandarin 1992 English
Young Death : boyhood of a superfiend Mandarin 1992 English
Killing time : featuring Winwood and Cord Mandarin 1992 English
Everybody's doing it Mandarin 1993 English
If-bottoms out Mandarin 1993 English
Cat 3 Mandarin 1993 English
Judge Dredd : top dog Mandarin 1993 English
Judge Dredd : heavy metal Dredd Mandarin 1993 English
Devlin Waugh : swimming in blood Mandarin 1993 English
Slʹaine : the horned God 3 Mandarin 1993 English
Skizz II : alien creatures Mandarin 1993 English
Judge Dredd: tales of the damned Mandarin 1993 English
Judge Dredd : Mechanismo Mandarin 1993 English
Judge Dredd: babes in arms Mandarin 1995 English
Judge Anderson: childhood's end Mandarin 1995 English
Memories : the collection Mandarin 1994 English
Akira : the beginning Mandarin 1994 English
Batman,, Judge Dredd: vendetta in Gotham 2 Mandarin 1995 English
Judge Dredd: book of the dead Mandarin 1995 English