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Comic Title Publisher Year Language
Marvel Comics' Civil War and the age of terror : critical essays on the comic saga McFarland 2015 English
Feminist fables for the twenty-first century : the F Word Project McFarland 2015 English
Classics illustrated : a cultural history of the art and literature,, with illustrations McFarland 2001 English
Doing their bit : wartime American animated short films,, 1939-1945 (2nd edition) McFarland 2004 English
The dinosaur films of Ray Harryhausen McFarland 2003 English
Dick Tracy and American culture : morality and mythology,, text and context McFarland 2003 English
The rise and reason of comics and graphic literature : critical essays on the form McFarland 2010 English
Walt Kelly and Pogo : the art of the political swamp McFarland 2016 English
The ages of the Incredible Hulk : essays on the Green Goliath in changing times McFarland 2016 English
Imagination and meaning in Calvin and Hobbes McFarland 2012 English
Anti-Foreign Imagery in American Pulps and Comic Books,, 1920-1960 McFarland 2013 English
Popeye : an illustrated cultural history (2nd edition) McFarland 2004 English
Crossing boundaries in graphic narrative : essays on forms,, series and genres McFarland 2012 English
Sexual ideology in the works of Alan Moore : critical essays on the graphic novels McFarland 2012 English
Web-spinning heroics : critical essays on the history and meaning of Spider-Man McFarland 2012 English
Interlibrary loan sharks and seedy roms : cartoons from libraryland McFarland 1998 English
Dewey Decimal System defeats Truman! : library cartoons McFarland 1998 English
Suture self : cartoons for doctors and patients McFarland 1999 English
Science of little round things : cartoons about scientists McFarland 2000 English
European comics in English translation : a descriptive sourcebook McFarland 2002 English
Comic strip artists in American newspapers,, 1945-1980 McFarland 2003 English
CLAMP IN CONTEXT : A Critical Study of the Manga and Anime McFarland 2012 English
The mythology of the superhero McFarland 2016 English
The ages of the Justice League : essays on America's greatest superheroes in changing times McFarland 2017 English
Marvel's Black Widow from spy to superhero : essays on an Avenger with a very specific skill set McFarland 2017 English
Nuke (a book of cartoons) McFarland 1988 English
Bibliotoons : a mischievous meander through the stacks & beyond McFarland 1990 English
Nuke II : another book of cartoons McFarland 1990 English
The ages of Superman : essays on the Man of Steel in changing times McFarland 2012 English
Television-related cartoons in the New Yorker magazine : over 1250 cartoon descriptions (1950 through 1990) indexed by cartoonist and subject McFarland 1993 English
Dick Tracy and American culture : morality and mythology,, text and context 2 McFarland 1993 English
Popeye : an illustrated history of E.C. Segar's character in print,, radio,, television,, and film appearances,, 1929-1993 McFarland 1994 English
Caped crusaders 101 : composition through comic books 2 (2nd edition) McFarland 2010 English
Bushers : ballplayers drawn from left field McFarland 2013 English
The ages of The Avengers : essays on the earth's mightiest heroes in changing times McFarland 2014 English
Dracula's Army : the Dead Travel Fast McFarland 2014 English
Great zombies in history McFarland 2013 English
Boys' love manga : essays on the sexual ambiguity and cross-cultural fandom of the genre McFarland 2008 English
Super-history : comic book superheroes and American society,, 1938 to the present McFarland 2012 English
Cerebus the barbarian messiah : essays on the epic graphic satire of Dave Sim and Gerhard McFarland 2012 English
The meaning of superhero comic books McFarland 2012 English
Virgin vampires : or,, Once upon a time in Transylvania McFarland 2012 English
Gothic in Comics and Graphic Novels : a Critical Approach McFarland 2014 English
The ages of Wonder Woman : essays on the Amazon Princess in changing times McFarland 2014 English
Watchmen as literature : a critical study of the graphic novel McFarland 2010 English
Comics as a nexus of cultures : essays on the interplay of media,, disciplines and international perspectives McFarland 2010 English
The amazing transforming superhero! : essays on the revision of characters in comic books,, film and television McFarland 2007 English
The comics of Joss Whedon : critical essays McFarland 2015 English
It happens at Comic-Con : ethnographic essays on a pop culture phenomenon McFarland 2014 English
Chester Gould : a daughter's biography of the creator of Dick Tracy McFarland 2012 English
Founders of comic fandom : profiles of 90 publishers,, dealers,, collectors,, writers,, artists and other luminaries of the 1950s and 1960s McFarland 2010 English
Soul of the Dark Knight : Batman as mythic figure in comics and film McFarland 2014 English
Rowena Sunder,, artist in New York McFarland 2018 English
Love on the racks : a history of American romance comics 2 McFarland 2018 English
Southeast Asian cartoon art : history,, trends and problems McFarland 2014 English
Marvel graphic novels and related publications : an annotated guide to comics,, prose novels,, children's books,, articles,, criticism and reference works,, 1965-2005 McFarland 2008 English
Captain America and the struggle of the superhero : critical essays McFarland 2009 English
War,, politics and superheroes : ethics and propaganda in comics and film McFarland 2011 English
Graphic details : Jewish women's confessional comics in essays and interviews McFarland 2014 English
The art and inventions of Max Fleischer : American animation pioneer McFarland 2017 English
Comic books and the Cold War,, 1946-1962 : essays on graphic treatment of communism,, the code and social concerns McFarland 2012 English
The ages of the X-Men : essays on the children of the atom in changing times McFarland 2014 English
The horror comics : fiends,, freaks and fantastic creatures,, 1940s-1980s McFarland 2014 English
Horror Comics in Black and White : a history and catalog,, 1964-2004 McFarland 2013 English
The ages of Iron Man : essays on the armored Avenger in changing times McFarland 2015 English
Dick Grayson,, Boy Wonder : scholars and creators on 75 years of Robin,, Nightwing and Batman McFarland 2015 English
Superheroes of the Round Table : comics connections to Medieval and Renaissance literature McFarland 2011 English
Grant Morrison and the superhero renaissance : critical essays McFarland 2015 English



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