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Comic Title Publisher Year Language
Mean Girls Club (Second edition) Nobrow 2015 English
The new ghost Nobrow 2011 English
Hildafolk Nobrow 2010 English
A castle in England (First edition) Nobrow 2017 English
The spectators (First edition) Nobrow 2015 English
How to survive in the north 2 Nobrow 2017 English
Fight! 2 Nobrow 2011 English
Curveball (First edition) Nobrow 2015 English
Jean Baptiste Baigorri's Cramond Island Nobrow 2012 English
The king of Birds Nobrow 2018 English
Art schooled (First Edition) Nobrow 2014 English
Forming. Vol. 1 Nobrow 2011 English
Everything we miss Nobrow 2011 English
Garbage night (First edition) Nobrow 2017 English
Audubon : on the wings of the world (First English edition) Nobrow 2016 English
101 artists to listen to before you die Nobrow 2015 English
750 years in Paris Nobrow 2015 English
The hunter 3 Nobrow 2015 English
Golemchik (First edition) Nobrow 2015 English
Fantasy sports Nobrow 2015 English
Megaskull (First edition) Nobrow 2012 English
Vacancy (First edition) Nobrow 2015 English
(In a sense) lost and found Nobrow 2013 English
311 Ditchling Road Nobrow 2014 English
Obsolete Nobrow 2011 English
Pantheon : the true story of the Egyptian deities (First edition) Nobrow 2017 English
Moonhead and the music machine 2 Nobrow 2017 English
Klaus Nobrow 2011 English
Hilda and the bird parade 2 Nobrow 2012 English
Forming. Vol II Nobrow 2014 English
A matter of life & death (First edition) Nobrow 2016 English
Mean Girls Club : pink dawn Nobrow 2018 English
Fight 2! 2 Nobrow 2012 English
Pebble Island Nobrow 2010 English
Malevolent melody Nobrow 2009 English
Dockwood : 2 autumn stories (First edition) Nobrow 2012 English
The bandit of Barbel Bay (First edition) Nobrow 2016 English
Cyber realm (First edition) Nobrow 2015 English
A graphic cosmology : 24 artists take on 7 pages to tell their tales of the creation of everything Nobrow 2010 English
Map of days Nobrow 2017 English
Lost property (First edition) Nobrow 2015 English
Fish (First Edition) Nobrow 2014 English
Hilda and the bird parade Nobrow 2012 English
A game without rules Nobrow 2017 English