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Comic Title Publisher Year Language
Jack falls Penguin 2009 English
Raw : high culture for lowbrows Penguin 1990 English
Violent veg : gallery 1 Penguin 2006 English
Peanuts jubilee : my life and art with Charlie Brown and others 2 Penguin 1980 English
The inspector Penguin 1976 English
William Hamilton's anti-social register Penguin 1977 English
The Penguin Charles Addams Penguin 1962 English
The 'New Yorker' album of drawings,, 1925-1975 2 Penguin 1978 English
The Penguin Max Penguin 1962 English
The Penguin Edward Koren : cartoons Penguin 1982 English
The lovers Penguin 1962 English
The square egg 2 Penguin 1980 English
Sigmund Freud Penguin 1982 English
The life and times of Maudie Littlehampton Penguin 1982 English
Well,, there's your problem : cartoons Penguin 1981 English
The Penguin book of political comics Penguin 1982 English
Maggie's farm Penguin 1981 English
The Penguin book of Private eye cartoons 2 Penguin 1983 English
There's no place like home : drawings Penguin 1982 English
When the wind blows 2 Penguin 1983 English
Emett's ministry of transport : selected from The early morning milk train and Alarms and excursions Penguin 1981 English
The erotic adventures of Space Babe 113 (First edition,, Collected edition) Penguin 2015 English
Jules Feiffer's America : from Eisenhower to Reagan Penguin 1982 English
Who was Chuck Jones? Penguin 2018 English
Luminous animals and other drawings Penguin 1983 English
The biggest tongue in Tunisia : and other drawings Penguin 1986 English
The New Yorker cartoon album : 1975-1985 2 Penguin 1986 English
Maus : a survivor's tale 3 Penguin 1987 English
The unabashed Alex Penguin 1988 English
The waste land 2 Penguin 1990 English
Alex II : magnum force Penguin 1989 English
Breaks. Vol. 1 Penguin 2017 English
Hard-boiled defective stories Penguin 1990 English
The Alex omnibus : Alex cartoons,, 1987-1992 Penguin 1993 English
The Penguin Colonel Pewter : three Whimshire stories Penguin 1978 English
Unheard of Ambridge Penguin 1989 English
Warts and all Penguin 1990 English
Give me liberty Penguin 1991 English
Maus II : a survivor's tale : and here my troubles began 2 Penguin 1992 English
Worthless pursuits Penguin 1992 English
Fires Penguin 1991 English
Tank girl 4 Penguin 1990 English
The thrilling adventures of Lovelace and Babbage : with interesting & curious anecdotes of celebrated and distinguished characters Penguin 2016 English
Alex : III : son of Alex Penguin 1990 English
Alex IV : the man with the golden handshake Penguin 1991 English
St Trinian's : the cartoons Penguin 2007 English
The quest for the big woof Penguin 1991 English
The travelling Leunig Penguin 1990 English
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Book I Penguin 1990 English
Lena Finkle's magic barrel : a graphic novel Penguin 2014 English
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Book II Penguin 1990 English
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Book III Penguin 1990 English
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Book IV Penguin 1990 English
Temptation Penguin 1991 English
House of raging women Penguin 1992 English
Be a bloody train driver Penguin 1991 English
Cheap novelties : the pleasures of urban decay Penguin 1991 English
Raw : open wounds from the cutting edge of commix Penguin 1980 English
Alex V : for the love of Alex Penguin 1992 English
Murmur Penguin 1993 English
Tank Girl 2 2 Penguin 1995 English
Great pop things Penguin 1992 English
Never give up Penguin 1992 English
Cat physics : a cartoon primer : y Mendenhall Penguin 1993 English
The St Trinian's story Penguin 1961 English
Black and white and grey Penguin 1993 English
Falling in love Penguin 1993 English
Tank girl : the movie Penguin 1995 English
Tank girl III Penguin 1996 English
The huge book of hell Penguin 1997 English
Madams are from Mars,, maids are from Venus Penguin 1998 English
Watching Penguin 2016 English
The terror of St Trinian's and other drawings 2 (New edition) Penguin 2006 English
The Penguin Peter Arno Penguin 1957 English
The lengths Penguin 2013 English
Jerm warfare! Penguin 2013 English
Planet Karen. First contact Penguin 2009 English
A small revolution Penguin 2017 English
From A to Zippy : getting there is all the fun Penguin 1991 English
Peter Pan 2 (First Edition) Penguin 2013 English
It's hard to be a girl Penguin 2015 English
Perfume of lilacs Penguin 2015 English
Superslave Penguin 1972 English
Sugar Penguin 2018 English
Point your face at this 2 Penguin 2013 English
RAW 2 : required reading for the post-literate Penguin 1990 English
The tin-pot foreign general and the old iron woman 2 Penguin 2013 English
Corridor : a graphic novel Penguin 2008 English
The Penguin book of comics : a slight history 2 Penguin 1967 English
How to fail at almost everything and still win big : kind of the story of my life Penguin 2013 English
101 things not to say during sex Penguin 1993 English
(The Peng pdd dd) p 71TI The parish church of St. Andrew,, Biggleswade Penguin 1964 English
To end all wars : the graphic anthology of the Great War (First edition) Penguin 2015 English
L'amour Penguin 1964 English
Searle in the sixties Penguin 1964 English
The Penguin Osbert Lancaster Penguin 1964 English
Miss Remarkable & her career Penguin 2003 English
A hundred of the best : 'Times Educational Supplement' cartoons Penguin 1968 English
The Penguin Mel Calman Penguin 1968 English
Point your face at this Penguin 2013 English
The Penguin Ronald Searle Penguin 1960 English
Notes : born to be a larve Penguin 2016 English
Is this some kind of joke? 2 Penguin 2008 English
The terror of St Trinian's and other drawings 3 Penguin 2006 English
The bizarre adventures of Gilbert & Sullivan Penguin 2015 English
Newt (First edition) Penguin 2014 English
Round the twist Penguin 1993 English
Maus : a survivor's tale Penguin 2003 English
The tunnel of time : an autobiography Penguin 1999 English
Male-order love Penguin 1998 English
The Penguin Leunig : cartoons Penguin 1987 English
The terror of St.Trinian's and other drawings Penguin 2000 English
Comics focus Penguin 2004 English
The Penguin Feiffer Penguin 1966 English
Massacre Penguin 1966 English
The Penguin book of Private eye cartoons Penguin 1984 English
The black feather falls Penguin 2015 English
Beautiful creatures Penguin 2013 English
Little death (First edition) Penguin 2012 English
To end all wars : the graphic anthology of the First World War (First edition) Penguin 2014 English
The Penguin John Glashan Penguin 1967 English
The tin-pot foreign general and the old iron woman Penguin 2013 English
PewDiePie graphic novel Penguin 2017 English
Bromhead's view : ice-cream! popcorn! xenical! Penguin 1999 English