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Comic Title Publisher Year Language
Sláine. Time killer Rebellion 2007 English
Nikolai Dante. Hero of the revolution Rebellion 2011 English
Judge Dredd : the cursed earth Rebellion 2002 English
Leviathan 2 Rebellion 2006 English
Zenith. Phase three Rebellion 2015 English
Judge Dredd. America Rebellion 2008 English
Nikolai Dante. Hell and high water Rebellion 2008 English
Return to Mars Rebellion 2015 English
Origins Rebellion 2007 English
Judge Dredd. Day of Chaos. endgame Rebellion 2013 English
2000 AD extreme edition Rebellion 2003 English
Portrait of a mutant Rebellion 2013 English
Return to Earth Rebellion 2013 English
Trifecta : Judge Dredd,, created by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra : The simping detective,, created by Simon Spurrier & Frazer Irving : Low life,, created by Rob Williams & Henry Flint Rebellion 2013 English
Slaine. Time Killer 2 Rebellion 2013 English
The king 2 Rebellion 2013 English
Nemesis the Warlock (Deviant edition) Rebellion 2013 English
My name is Rebellion 2005 English
Judge Dredd: the complete case files Rebellion 2005 English
Complete Alan Moore future shocks Rebellion 2006 English
The red seas. Volume 1. Under the banner of King Death Rebellion 2007 English
ABC Warriors. The Volgan War Rebellion 2009 English
Meltdown Man Rebellion 2010 English
The art of Kenny Who? Rebellion 2006 English
Traitor to his kind Rebellion 2009 English
Shakara. The destroyer Rebellion 2012 English
Black Light Rebellion 0 English
Rogue Trooper. The future of war Rebellion 2005 English
Red tide Rebellion 2005 English
The V.C.s. You're hit,, you're dead! Rebellion 2008 English
Skizz 2 Rebellion 2005 English
Re-gene Rebellion 2006 English
The pit 2 Rebellion 2009 English
Brothers of the blood Rebellion 2006 English
Dredd/Anderson : the deep end Rebellion 2017 English
The leopard from Lime St Rebellion 2017 English
Heavy metal Dredd Rebellion 2009 English
The V.C.s. Back in action Rebellion 2009 English
Judge Dredd. Tour of duty. Mega-City justice Rebellion 2011 English
Brit-cit noir Rebellion 2016 English
The best of Tharg's 3rillers Rebellion 2016 English
Sooner or later Rebellion 2016 English
Sinister Dexter. Eurocrash Rebellion 2009 English
ABC Warriors. The shadow warriors Rebellion 2009 English
Rogue Trooper. Realpolitik Rebellion 2006 English
The complete Harlem Heroes Rebellion 2010 English
Misty. Vol. 2 Rebellion 2017 English
Judge Dredd. Tour of duty. The backlash Rebellion 2010 English
The killing game Rebellion 2005 English
Hewligan's haircut Rebellion 2005 English
Red tide 3 Rebellion 2015 English
The vermin stars Rebellion 2005 English
Necronauts Rebellion 2005 English
Lord of the beasts Rebellion 2014 English
Incubus Rebellion 2005 English
The mek files. 01 Rebellion 2014 English
Fort Neuro : more dispatches from the war planet Nu Earth Rebellion 2005 English
Dredd vs Death Rebellion 2005 English
The complete ballad of Halo Jones 4 Rebellion 2005 English
Nikolai Dante : the great game Rebellion 2005 English
The complete Indigo Prime : time is on their side Rebellion 2005 English
Cradlegrave Rebellion 2011 English
Scarlet Traces. Volume 1 (First edition) Rebellion 2017 English
Warrior's dawn Rebellion 2005 English
Defoe. Queen of the zombies Rebellion 2011 English
Insurrection Rebellion 2011 English
The day the law died 2 Rebellion 2012 English
Judge Dredd : dark justice Rebellion 2015 English
The solo missions Rebellion 2014 English
Zenith phase four Rebellion 2015 English
Marney the Fox Rebellion 2017 English
Nikolai Dante. Sword of the Tsar Rebellion 2008 English
Button Man. The confession of Harry Exton Rebellion 2008 English
Mega-City undercover. Vol. 02. Living the low life Rebellion 2012 English
The Cursed Earth saga Rebellion 2012 English
The best of Tharg's future shocks Rebellion 2008 English
The complete Ro-Busters Rebellion 2008 English
Dredd : Urban warfare Rebellion 2015 English
The deadman Rebellion 2009 English
Charley's war. Vol. 2. Brothers in arms - the definitive collection Rebellion 2018 English
Von Hoffman's invasion. Vol. 1 Rebellion 2018 English
Judge Dredd. Mandroid Rebellion 2007 English
Droid life Rebellion 2007 English
Tiger sun,, dragon moon Rebellion 2012 English
ABC Warriors. Krhonicles [i.e. Khronicles] of khaos Rebellion 2007 English
Asylum Rebellion 2007 English
Rogue Trooper. To the ends of Nu Earth Rebellion 2006 English
The chief judge's man : author,, John Wagner Rebellion 2006 English
Incubus 2 Rebellion 2003 English
ABC Warriors. The mek-nificent seven (2nd edition) Rebellion 2009 English
Sláine. Books of invasions Rebellion 2006 English
Button Man. Killer killer Rebellion 2009 English
The great game Rebellion 2014 English
The Carlos Ezquerra collection Rebellion 2007 English
Day of chaos : fallout Rebellion 2014 English
Ro-Busters : the complete nuts and bolts Rebellion 2015 English
Nikolai Dante. The beast of Rudinshtein Rebellion 2009 English
The Daily Dredds : volume 1 : 1981-1986 Rebellion 2014 English
Thrill-power overload : 2000 AD - the first thirty years Rebellion 2009 English
Nikolai Dante. Tsar wars Rebellion 2006 English
The complete P.J. Maybe Rebellion 2006 English
Money shots Rebellion 2009 English
Scarlet traces. Volume 2 Rebellion 2017 English
Mechanismo Rebellion 2009 English
The Dracula file Rebellion 2017 English
Storming heaven : the Frazer Irving collection Rebellion 2007 English
The third element Rebellion 2008 English
Strontium dog : the early cases Rebellion 2005 English
Sláine : the book of scars Rebellion 2013 English
Judge Dredd. Justice One Rebellion 2002 English
Day of the droids Rebellion 2005 English
Thirteen Rebellion 2005 English
The courtship of Jena Makarov Rebellion 2005 English
Strontium dog : portrait of a mutant 2 Rebellion 2005 English
Hewligan's haircut 2 Rebellion 2010 English
Fiends of the Eastern Front Rebellion 2005 English
Bloody students Rebellion 2005 English
Play it again,, Sam Rebellion 2005 English
Zombo Rebellion 2010 English
The Mek files. 03 Rebellion 2015 English
D.R. & Quinch : the complete collection Rebellion 2005 English
ABC Warriors. The black hole 2 Rebellion 2011 English
Judge Dredd. 25 : the complete case files Rebellion 2015 English
The grievous journey of Ichabod Azrael (and the dead left in his wake) 2 (1st edition) Rebellion 2015 English
Judge Dredd. 01 : the complete case files (10th anniversary edition) Rebellion 2015 English
Caballistics,, Inc. Creepshow Rebellion 2007 English
Rogue Trooper. Fort Neuro Rebellion 2006 English
The complete Al's baby Rebellion 2010 English
Faceache. Vol. 1. The first hundred scrunges Rebellion 2017 English
Twilight of the idols Rebellion 2005 English
Goodbye,, Krool world Rebellion 2007 English
The stainless steel rat Rebellion 2010 English
Fall of Deadworld Rebellion 2017 English
Total war Rebellion 2005 English
The ballad of Halo Jones Rebellion 2006 English
The killing game 2 Rebellion 2006 English
The simping detective Rebellion 2007 English
Age of the wolf Rebellion 2014 English
Zenith. Phase one Rebellion 2014 English
Shamballa 2 Rebellion 2008 English
Rogue Trooper : tales of Nu-Earth Rebellion 2010 English
Insurrection : liberty Rebellion 2015 English
Tales of Telguuth : a tribute to Steve Moore Rebellion 2015 English
Hell in the heavens Rebellion 2015 English
Atavar Rebellion 2004 English
Return to Armageddon Rebellion 2014 English
Nikolai Dante. The Romanov Dynasty 2 Rebellion 2004 English
Carver hale : twisting the knife Rebellion 2005 English
Remembrance : the definitive collection Rebellion 2018 English
Judge Dredd the complete case files. 27 Rebellion 2016 English
A simple killing Rebellion 2015 English
Strontium Dog. The life and death of Johnny Alpha : dogs of war Rebellion 2015 English
The Dark Judges Rebellion 2012 English
Blood moon Rebellion 2010 English
Nikolai Dante. Love and war Rebellion 2014 English
Chopper. Surf's up Rebellion 2010 English
Amerika Rebellion 2009 English
Judge Dredd: the restricted files Rebellion 2010 English
Greysuit. Project Monarch Rebellion 2011 English
Leviathan 3 Rebellion 2010 English
The complete Ace Trucking Co Rebellion 2008 English
The Kreeler conspiracy Rebellion 2008 English
Slaine. Warrior's dawn 2 (First edition) Rebellion 2010 English
The 86ers Rebellion 2009 English
Titan 2 Rebellion 2016 English
Thrill-power overload : the official history of 2000AD : the galaxy's greatest comic Rebellion 2007 English
Young Death : boyhood of a superfiend 2 Rebellion 2008 English
The final solution Rebellion 2008 English
Sláine. The king 4 Rebellion 2008 English
Durham Red. The Scarlet cantos 2 Rebellion 2006 English
The Henry Flint collection Rebellion 2008 English
Eye of the traitor Rebellion 2005 English
Ampney Crucis investigates--. Vile bodies Rebellion 2012 English
The cursed earth Rebellion 2005 English
Family Rebellion 2005 English
Time killer 2 Rebellion 2005 English
Satan's Island Rebellion 2005 English
The Batman/Dredd files Rebellion 2004 English
Bison Rebellion 2004 English
Every empire falls Rebellion 2017 English
Swimming in blood Rebellion 2004 English
The black hole 2 Rebellion 2005 English
The horned god 3 Rebellion 2008 English
Slay per view Rebellion 2005 English
Stickleback. England's glory Rebellion 2008 English
Anderson,, PSI-Division 3 Rebellion 2005 English
Kingdom. Call of the wild Rebellion 2012 English
ABC Warriors. Hellbringer Rebellion 2008 English
Savage. The guv'nor Rebellion 2012 English
Stone island Rebellion 2008 English
Strontium Dog. The life and death of Johnny Alpha : the project Rebellion 2012 English
Sláine. Warrior's dawn (2nd edition) Rebellion 2007 English
Return to Ro-Busters Rebellion 2016 English
The complete D.R. & Quinch 3 Rebellion 2010 English
Harlem heroes Rebellion 2015 English
The hunting party 2 Rebellion 2006 English
Sláine. The Horned God 4 Rebellion 2011 English
2000 AD presents sci-fi thrillers Rebellion 2013 English
Swimming in blood 2 Rebellion 2014 English
Monster 8 Rebellion 2016 English
Mean Machine : real mean Rebellion 2011 English
Rogue Trooper. The future of war 2 Rebellion 2005 English
Rising son! Rebellion 2004 English
Verdus : planet of the robots! Rebellion 2004 English
Judgement day 2 Rebellion 2004 English
Xtnct Rebellion 2005 English
Durham Red : the empty suns Rebellion 2007 English
Bad Company. Kano Rebellion 2007 English
Nikolai Dante. Sympathy for the devil Rebellion 2012 English
The Ten-Seconders : American dream (1st edition) Rebellion 2012 English
Leatherjack Rebellion 2007 English
Judge Dredd. Day of chaos. The fourth faction Rebellion 2013 English
Beasts within (1st edition) Rebellion 2015 English
The Judge Child Rebellion 2013 English
Mean Team Rebellion 2013 English
The mek files. 02 Rebellion 2014 English
Brass sun. 1. the wheel of worlds Rebellion 2014 English
Shakara. The avenger Rebellion 2008 English
Phase two Rebellion 2014 English
Kingdom. The promised land Rebellion 2008 English
Missionary Man. Bad moon rising Rebellion 2011 English
Caballistics,, Inc. Going underground Rebellion 2006 English
Sláine. The wanderer Rebellion 2011 English
The ballad of Halo Jones 2 Rebellion 2013 English
PSI files. Volume 5 Rebellion 2016 English
Ro-busters. Volume 2 : the complete nuts and bolts Rebellion 2016 English
The taxidermist Rebellion 2011 English
Blood of the Iceni (1st edition) Rebellion 2016 English
DeMarco,, P.I Rebellion 0 English
Slaine : the Brutania chronicles. Book two. Primordial Rebellion 2016 English
Tharg's terror tales presents Necronauts & A love like blood Rebellion 2011 English
The complete Nemesis the Warlock Rebellion 2006 English
Planet of the damned,, &,, Death planet (1st edition) Rebellion 2016 English
The meknificent seven Rebellion 2005 English
Goldtiger : the Poseidon complex Rebellion 2016 English
Murder 101 Rebellion 2005 English
Bad company : goodbye,, Krool world Rebellion 2005 English
Shakara Rebellion 2005 English
and death shall have no dumb minions Rebellion 2016 English
The order : die mensch maschine Rebellion 2017 English
Indigo Prime. Anthropocalypse Rebellion 2013 English
Aux drift Rebellion 2017 English
Bad Company Rebellion 2011 English
The complete skizz (First edition) Rebellion 2017 English
Sláine. Lord of Misrule Rebellion 2011 English
The Bendatti vendetta Rebellion 2011 English
One-eyed Jack Rebellion 2017 English
Zombo. You smell of crime and I'm the deodorant! Rebellion 2013 English
Boy soldier : the definitive collection Rebellion 2018 English
Absalom. Ghosts of London Rebellion 2012 English
Bad Company. First casualties Rebellion 2016 English
Harry 20 on the High Rock Rebellion 2010 English
Nikolai Dante. Too cool to kill Rebellion 2011 English
Sláine. Treasures of Britain Rebellion 2012 English
Invasion Rebellion 2007 English
Mazeworld Rebellion 2011 English
Judge Anderson: Psi files Rebellion 2009 English
Black Hawk : the intergalactic gladiator Rebellion 2011 English
Defoe. 1666 Rebellion 2009 English
Brink. Book one Rebellion 2017 English
Savage. Taking liberties Rebellion 2007 English
Flesh Rebellion 2009 English
Judge Dredd : dead zone Rebellion 2016 English
Survival geeks Rebellion 2017 English
Mega-city undercover Rebellion 2008 English
Outlaw Rebellion 2016 English
Shako Rebellion 2012 English
Under the banner of King Death Rebellion 2005 English
Mercy heights Rebellion 2011 English



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