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Comic Title Publisher Year Language
Out in the open SelfMadeHero 2018 English
Black paths SelfMadeHero 2011 English
The valley of fear SelfMadeHero 2011 English
DalĂ­ (English edition) SelfMadeHero 2016 English
The master and Margarita : a graphic novel SelfMadeHero 2008 English
The return of the Honey Buzzard SelfMadeHero 2016 English
The can opener's daughter SelfMadeHero 2016 English
Ghost stories of an antiquary. I SelfMadeHero 2016 English
The case of Charles Dexter Ward : a graphic novel SelfMadeHero 2012 English
Rebetiko SelfMadeHero 2012 English
When David lost his voice SelfMadeHero 2012 English
Julius Caesar SelfMadeHero 2008 English
At the mountains of madness : a graphic novel SelfMadeHero 2010 English
Pablo SelfMadeHero 2015 English
Macbeth 3 SelfMadeHero 2008 English
The king in yellow SelfMadeHero 2015 English
The hound of the Baskervilles 7 SelfMadeHero 2017 English
The Nao of Brown SelfMadeHero 2012 English
Klaxon SelfMadeHero 2015 English
A study in scarlet 2 SelfMadeHero 2017 English
Deadbeats SelfMadeHero 2012 English
The valley of fear 2 SelfMadeHero 2017 English
Miller & Pynchon SelfMadeHero 2012 English
Ghost stories of an antiquary : a graphic collection of short stories. Volume 2 SelfMadeHero 2017 English
Pachyderme SelfMadeHero 2012 English
Rembrandt SelfMadeHero 2013 English
You will be glorious,, my daughter SelfMadeHero 2015 English
But I really wanted to be an anthropologist SelfMadeHero 2012 English
Agatha : the real life of Agatha Christie SelfMadeHero 2016 English
Johnny Cash : I see a darkness : a graphic novel SelfMadeHero 2009 English
Hairshirt SelfMadeHero 2011 English
The man who laughs 3 SelfMadeHero 2013 English
The Castle SelfMadeHero 2013 English
Ricky Rouse has a gun 2 SelfMadeHero 2014 English
The shadow out of time SelfMadeHero 2013 English
Ruins SelfMadeHero 2015 English
The Incal : classic collection 2 (UK edition) SelfMadeHero 2011 English
The murder mile SelfMadeHero 2013 English
The invisible throng SelfMadeHero 2014 English
The dream-quest of unknown Kadath SelfMadeHero 2014 English
Magritte : this is not a biography SelfMadeHero 2017 English
The smell of starving boys SelfMadeHero 2017 English
The sculptor SelfMadeHero 2015 English
Le morte d'Arthur : the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table SelfMadeHero 2011 English
Tumult SelfMadeHero 2018 English
Guantánamo Kid: The True Story of Mohammed El-Gharani SelfMadeHero 0 English
Room for love SelfMadeHero 2013 English
I Feel Machine SelfMadeHero 0 English
The smell of warm dust SelfMadeHero 2013 English
Lip Hook: A Tale of Rural Unease SelfMadeHero 0 English
It's dark in London : a graphic collection of short stories SelfMadeHero 2012 English
A midsummer night's dream SelfMadeHero 2008 English
The tempest SelfMadeHero 2007 English
Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita : a graphic novel SelfMadeHero 2008 English
Richard III SelfMadeHero 2007 English
Franz Kafka's The trial : a graphic novel SelfMadeHero 2008 English
The sign of the four SelfMadeHero 2010 English
Heart of darkness SelfMadeHero 2010 English
A tale of two cities 2 SelfMadeHero 2010 English
Dance by the light of the moon SelfMadeHero 2010 English
Pride and prejudice 2 SelfMadeHero 2011 English
Romeo and Juliet SelfMadeHero 2007 English
Hamlet SelfMadeHero 2007 English
The complete Don Quixote SelfMadeHero 2013 English
We Won't See Auschwitz SelfMadeHero 0 English
Oscar Wilde's The picture of Dorian Gray : a graphic novel SelfMadeHero 2008 English
Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime & punishment : a graphic novel SelfMadeHero 2008 English
Haddon Hall: When David Invented Bowie SelfMadeHero 0 English
The desert of mirrors SelfMadeHero 2015 English
Don Quixote 2 SelfMadeHero 2011 English
The Lovecraft anthology : a graphic collection of H.P. Lovecraft's short stories SelfMadeHero 2011 English
Terra Australis SelfMadeHero 2014 English
Josephine Baker SelfMadeHero 0 English
Robot-- : a graphic novel SelfMadeHero 2011 English
The park SelfMadeHero 2013 English
Much ado about nothing SelfMadeHero 2009 English
King Lear SelfMadeHero 2009 English
The merchant of Venice 2 SelfMadeHero 2009 English
A study in scarlet SelfMadeHero 2009 English
Seconds 2 SelfMadeHero 2014 English
Twelfth night 2 SelfMadeHero 2009 English
The boxer : the true story of holocaust survivor Harry Haft SelfMadeHero 2014 English
Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde : a graphic novel SelfMadeHero 2009 English
Fish + chocolate SelfMadeHero 2011 English
Nevermore : a graphic adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories SelfMadeHero 2007 English
The hound of the Baskervilles 3 SelfMadeHero 2009 English
As you like it SelfMadeHero 2008 English
Othello 3 SelfMadeHero 2008 English
Chico & Rita SelfMadeHero 2011 English
Ricky Rouse has a gun (Limited edition) SelfMadeHero 2014 English
Gauguin : the other world SelfMadeHero 2016 English
The motherless oven SelfMadeHero 2014 English
Stardust nation SelfMadeHero 2016 English
Sandcastle SelfMadeHero 2011 English
The hot rock SelfMadeHero 2010 English
The life and opinions of Tristram Shandy,, gentleman 2 SelfMadeHero 2010 English
Weapons of mass diplomacy SelfMadeHero 2014 English
Celeste SelfMadeHero 2014 English
Maggy Garrisson SelfMadeHero 0 English



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