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Walter Foster


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Comic Title Publisher Year Language
Starting out in cartooning Walter Foster 1999 English
Basic cartooning : learn to draw cartoon characters and scenes Walter Foster 2016 English
Flipping out : the art of flip book animation : learn to illustrate & create your own animated flip books step by step Walter Foster 2016 English
Fairy tale fun : learn to draw more than 20 cartoon princesses,, fairies,, and adventure characters Walter Foster 2014 English
Learn to draw Angry Birds : learn to draw all of your favorite Angry Birds and those bad piggies! Walter Foster 2012 English
Crazy,, zany cartoon characters : learn to draw more than 40 weird,, wacky characters! Walter Foster 2014 English
Manga 2 Walter Foster 2010 English
How to draw manga chibis & cute critters : discover techniques for creating adorable chibi characters and doe-eyed manga animals Walter Foster 2012 English
Furry & feathered friends : learn to draw more than 20 cute cartoon critters Walter Foster 2014 English
The art of drawing manga & comic book characters : discover techniques for drawing & illustrating manga,, chibi & graphic-novel characters Walter Foster 2013 English
How to draw steampunk : discover the secrets to drawing,, painting,, and illustrating the curious world of science fiction in the Victorian age Walter Foster 2011 English
The art of cartooning & illustration : learn techniques for drawing and illustrating more than 100 cartoon characters,, poses,, and expressions Walter Foster 2014 English
I can draw sea creatures & other favorite animals : learn to draw land and sea animals step by step! Walter Foster 2014 English
Mashup mania : learn to draw more than 20 laughable,, loony characters Walter Foster 2015 English
Learn to draw Family guy : featuring your favorite characters from the hit TV series,, including Peter,, Lois,, Brian,, and Stewie! Walter Foster 2014 English
Silly sports : learn to draw more than 20 awesomely athletic characters Walter Foster 2015 English
Learn to draw Archie & friends : featuring Betty,, Veronica,, Sabrina the Teenage Witch,, Josie & the Pussycats,, and more! Walter Foster 2015 English
How to draw teenage mutant ninja turtles : learn to draw Leonardo,, Raphael,, Donatello,, and Michelangelo step by step! Walter Foster 2013 English
Learn to draw Angry Birds. Bad piggies : featuring all your craftym crazy pigs,, including King Pig,, Foreman Pig,, Corporal Pig,, and more! Walter Foster 2014 English
Cartoon animation Walter Foster 1997 English
Step-by-step cartooning 2 Walter Foster 1999 English
I can draw cartoons Walter Foster 1994 English
You can draw cartoon animals : a simple step-by-step drawing guide! Walter Foster 2009 English



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