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Ariel Olivetti

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Fire and stone 2 Author Dark Horse 2015 English
    The incredible Hulk. Son of Banner Author Marvel Publishing 2010 English
    Space knight. Vol. 1. Agent of the cosmos Author Marvel Worldwide 2016 English
    Punisher war journal 2 Author Diamond 2009 English
    Space knight. Vol. 2. Enemies and allies Author Marvel Worldwide 2016 English
    Asymmetry Author Marvel 2012 English
    Conan and the people of the Black Circle (First edition,, May 2014) Author Dark Horse 2014 English
    Widow's kiss 2 Author Marvel Worldwide 2015 English
    Cable. Vol. 2. Waiting for the end of the world Author Marvel Publishing 2009 English
    Punisher war journal. Vol. 3. Hunter/hunted Author Marvel Publishing 2008 English
    The last hope Author Marvel Worldwide 2018 English
    G.I. combat. Volume 1. The war that time forgot Author Dc Comics 2013 English
    Fall of the Hulks 2 Author Marvel 2012 English
    Brain Boy. Volume 1 Author Dark Horse 2014 English
    Superman and Batman versus Aliens and Predator Author Dc Comics 2007 English
    One-hit wonder. Volume 1 Author Image Comics 2015 English
    Punisher war journal 3 Author Marvel Worldwide 2016 English
    Brutal nature Author Unspecified 2016 English
    Punisher war journal. Vol. 1. Civil war Author Diamond 2007 English
    Counter X Author Diamond 2008 English
    Heaven & earth Author Marvel 2012 English
    Messiah war Author Diamond 2009 English
    Curse of the mutants 2 Author Marvel 2011 English
    X-Force/Cable : Messiah war Author Marvel 2009 English
    X-Factor. Life & death matters Author Marvel Publishing 2007 English
    Cable. Vol. 1. Messiah war Author Marvel Publishing 2008 English
    Counter X - X-man : fearful symmetry Author Marvel 2013 English
    Concrete fury Author Unspecified 2017 English
    Punisher war journal. Vol. 2. Goin' out west Author Diamond 2007 English
    Spider-Man: le storie indimenticabili #8 - Notti di paura Illustrator RCS Quotidiani 2007 Italian
    Punisher War Journal ( Marvel Mega n. 40 ) Panini Comics agosto 2007 Illustrator Panini Comics - Marvel Italia 2007 Italian
    Guardiani della Galassia Serie Oro #11 Illustrator Panini Comics 2017 Italian



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