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    Paolo Bacilieri (Verona, 1965) works in comics World since 1982. His character-alter ego is Zeno Porno, Disney scriptwriter and ex Cia agent, whose adventures are told in Zeno Porno and in La magnifica desolazione. Among is most alternative works Barokko, Durasagra – Venezia Über Alles, The Supermaso Attitude, Phonx. In 2012 published Sweet Salgari (best italian comic at Treviso Comic Book Festival 2012) and Fun in 2014. For Sergio Bonelli Editore he drew and wrote stories of Napoleone and Jan Dix, he drew the comic Sul pianeta perduto, and the Speciale Dampyr #9 (Gli studenti della scuola nera). In 2014 realizes the team-up Napoleone-Dylan Dog, with Carlo Ambrosini for Dylan Dog Color Fest #12. Winner in 2002 of Award A.N.A.F.I. as best drawer and Award Gran Guinigi as best complete author at Lucca Comics & Games 2006.

    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Pic Nic #1 Author Xister 2010 Italian
    Spaghetti #1 - Albi speciali di Medicina Nucleare Author Medicina Nucleare 2002 Italian
    Viva Valentina! [Blank variant cover] Author Edizioni BD 2016 Italian
    Phonx Author Black Velvet 2011 Italian
    Canzoni in A4 Author Unspecified 2008 Unspecified
    Dylan Dog #369 Illustrator Sergio Bonelli Editore 2017 Italian
    Palla Author Hollow Press 2016 Italian
    FUN Author Coconino Press 2014 Italian
    Linus #639 Author Baldini & Castoldi 2018 Italian
    Linus #637 Author Cover Artist Baldini & Castoldi 2018 Italian
    Linus #638 Author Baldini & Castoldi 2018 Italian
    Sweet Salgari Author Illustrator Coconino Press - Fandango 2012 Italian
    Animals #6 Author Coniglio Editore 2009 Italian
    Animals #9 Author Coniglio Editore 2010 Italian
    Il prezzo dell'onore Illustrator Sergio Bonelli Editore 2015 Italian
    Napoleone # 18 Illustrator Sergio Bonelli Editore 2000 Italian
    Durasagra - Venezia uber alles (Prima edizione) Author R&R Editrice 1994 Italian



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